2018 Gun Rights General Election Survey

Dear Second Amendment Supporter,

Welcome to the 2018 Ohio Gun Owners General Election Survey Results page.

We surveyed every candidate running for the Ohio House and Senate in the 2018 election cycle, and asked them all the 9 questions listed below.

Each candidate was clearly informed that a failure to return the 2018 Ohio Gun Owners survey or refusal to answer particular questions would be graded as an anti-gun position.

While we will be surveying post primary for purposes of the general election, gun owners are situated to make a huge impact by making knowledgeable choices in the primary process.

To find out what district you live in, please click HERE.

Knowing which district you live in will enable you to scroll through the results below to find out where you candidates stand on our Second Amendment.

Vote PRO-GUN on May 8th!

-- Chris Dorr


Republican Ticket
- Mike DeWine: "F" rated by the NRA, No Survey Returned, Anti-gun record in Congress, REFUSES to fill out the Ohio Gun Owners Candidate Survey
- Mary Taylor: Candidate Survey Returned, all 9 questions answered correctly, promising to be 100% Pro-Gun.

Democrat Ticket
- Richard Cordray: No Survey Returned
- Larry Ealy: No Survey Returned
- Dennis Kucinich: "REFUSED" Survey Returned
- Bill O'Neill: No Survey Returned
- Paul Ray: No Survey Returned
- Joseph Schiavoni: No Survey Returned

Survey Questions:

  1. Constitutional Carry recognizes that every law-abiding citizen has the right to carry a gun, openly or concealed, for any reason they want to, except to commit a crime. Thus, with no government bureaucracy or license, Ohio citizens could defend themselves, and criminals who use firearms to commit crimes are severely punished. This is the law in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota, New Hampshire and most of Montana.  If passed in Ohio, this law will allow thousands of people the right to carry a firearm for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or fees.

Would you support Constitutional Carry legislation, which would allow all law-abiding Ohioans the right to carry a weapon, either concealed or openly, without having to first obtain government permission and be added to a list, as is done in several other states? 

   _____Sponsor  ______Cosponsor   ______ No

  1. Stand-Your-Ground law, already on the books in dozens of states, simply removes the duty to retreat before an individual can defend themselves from a violent attacker in public places, the same way we don’t have to retreat when attacked in our homes, businesses, or vehicles. The bill provides an enactment clause, establishes a threatened use of force to allow for tactical retreat from a deadly situation, and states that you can’t be civilly sued or criminally charged if a burden of proof cannot be met.

Would you support Stand-Your-Ground legislation that allows Ohioans to defend themselves, with force if necessary, from violent criminal attacks that occur in public places without having to retreat, as well as ensuring that they can’t be bankrupted by expensive or frivolous lawsuits?

  ________Sponsor   _________Cosponsor  ______ No 

  1. Many cities and municipalities across Ohio have or are enacting their own gun laws that are stricter than state law. This is in direct violation of Ohio’s law, which forbids cities and municipalities from enacting laws regarding the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms that are stricter than state law. Unchecked, Ohio could have hundreds of different laws regarding concealed carry, resulting in law abiding Ohioans being in violation of a local ordinance while being in compliance with state law.

Would you support legislation that would strengthen Ohio’s important pre-emption law that ensures no local government body can pass a gun law that is stricter than state law, to put an end to the city-by-city abuse that Ohioans are currently experiencing?   

________Sponsor   _________Cosponsor  ______ No

  1. Almost every legislative candidate will say "I support the Second Amendment" but not all will stand firmly against new and invasive forms of gun control, especially when “compromises” are offered.

Will you oppose all methods of gun control, including those that the media calls "reasonable," such as laws that disallow those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning and carrying guns, increasing the minimum age of those who carry guns for self-defense, new taxes on ammunition, and new ways to track guns and gun owners?

  Yes _____  No _____

  1. Gun control advocates hype the false idea that certain cosmetic features make some semi-automatic firearms or high capacity magazines "different" than others. Media hysteria has led to the misconception that semi-automatic firearms are so-called "assault weapons." All semi-automatic firearms function essentially the same, as do all magazines.  The federal ban on “assault weapons” expired in September 2004, and Ohio has eliminated its own restrictions on magazine capacity, but some in Ohio are trying to make these firearms illegal here by state law.

Do you oppose legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or large-capacity magazines, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?

  Yes _____  No _____

  1. Several states have recently adopted a “Firearms Freedom Act’ which states that any firearms made and sold in their home state, therefore not involved in interstate commerce, are not the concern of the federal government and not subject to federal regulations. This has important legal and fiscal ramifications to Ohio gun manufacturers and owners.

Do you support the idea of a Firearms Freedom Act here in Ohio, which simply allows guns that are made and sold in Ohio, and are not involved in interstate commerce, to be subject to the laws of Ohio only and not those of the federal government as several other states have done?

  Yes_____  No______

  1. Anti-gun organizations, often funded with out of state resources, have been clamoring for legislation to end all private party sales in Ohio – and go so far as to make it a felony for family members to pass firearms down to the next generation without submitting to a federal NCIC check, thereby adding themselves and the firearm to a federal list.

Do you oppose Bloomberg’s “Universal Gun Registration” legislation that would ban all private party sales and label offenders as felons for simply passing down a family firearm to a descendant or sharing a firearm with a friend while on a hunting trip?

Yes_____  No______

  1. Mental health has become a back door for gun control by expanding the criteria for voluntary and involuntary mental health commitments, adding more and more people to the NCIC ‘prohibited persons’ list often without due process and full adjudication by a court of law. Once a person’s name is placed on this list, it is virtually impossible to have it removed. Legislation has been introduced multiple times in recent years that would greatly expand the range of people who would be able to add a person’s name to the prohibited person’s list, including “Red Flag” legislation that would strip gun owners of their Second Amendment Rights without due process.

Would you oppose all so-called “mental health” legislation that would deny law abiding Ohioans their gun rights without due process through a court of law?

Yes_____  No______

  1. Most mass shootings happen in so-called “Gun-Free” areas where law-abiding citizens are forced to disarm, which quite literally has resulted in violent criminals targeting these sites. This prevents otherwise law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, their loved ones and innocent citizens around them.

If elected, would you support legislation to eliminate restrictions on law-abiding gun owners from carrying a firearm in certain so-called “Gun-Free” areas, otherwise known as “Criminal Safe Zones?”

   ________Sponsor   _________Cosponsor  ______ No

The Results Received back from the Candidates

SP= Sponsor  | CSP = Co-Sponsor

ChamberDistrictFull NamePartyQ1Q1Q3Q4Q5Q6Q7Q8Q9
Senate1Robert McColleyR---------
Senate1Adam PapinD---------
House6Jim TrakasR---------
Senate7Steve WilsonR---------
Senate13Nathan ManningR---------
House16Dave GreenspanR---------
Senate19Andrew BrennerRCSPCSPCSPYYYY-CSP
House19Tim BarhorstR---------
House28Jonathan DeverR---------
House32Marilyn TunnatRSPSPSPYYYYYSP
House37Mike RasorR---------
House42Niraj AntaniRSPSPSPYY?YYSP
House43Jeffrey SmithRSPSPSPYYYYYSP
House47Derek MerrinR---------
House50Josh HaganR---------
House51Sara CarruthersR---------
House53Candice KellerRSPSPSPYYYYYSP
House61Jamie CallenderR---------
House62Scott LippsR---------
House64Martha YoderR---------
House72Larry HouseholderRCSPCSPCSPYYYYYCSP
House81James HoopsR---------
House86Tracy RichardsonR---------
House87Riordan McClainR---------
House90Brian BaldridgeRCSPCSPSPYYYYYSP
House91Shane WilkinR---------
House99Michael Pircio RSPSPSPYYYYYCSP
Senate3Tina MaharathD
Senate3Anne GonzalesR
Senate5Paul BradleyD
Senate5Stephen HuffmanR
Senate7Sara BitterD
Senate9Cecil Thomas (i)D
Senate9Tom ChandlerR
Senate11Teresa FedorD
Senate11Ernest McCarthyR