Pass Constitutional Carry for Ohio!

Constitutional Carry is barnstorming the country and is already law in nearly half of America.

Just this year alone Utah, Montana, Tennessee, Iowa and Texas have passed it and it is on the move in South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia!

Here in Ohio, weak, Rino moderates in the House and Senate have been blocking this legislation for years, but we are kicking in the doors on their refusal to act!

Remember, these politicians work for YOU and with the 2022 Republican Primary elections ahead of us, now is the time to remind them of that and to DEMAND that they do their jobs and pass Constitutional Carry NOW!

The fact is, NO governor should be able to curb-stomp the right to keep and bear arms in Ohio ever AGAIN!

So please sign your official petition in support of HB227 (the Constitutional Carry legislation by Representatives Tom Brinkman and Kris Jordan) right away, so the politicians in Columbus know that you expect them to publicly support and vote YES on these bills!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, Ohio’s largest and most aggressive grassroots political fighting force