Email the Speaker: Pass Constitutional Carry NOW!

Constitutional Carry is the on the march all over America – nearly HALF of America has it on the books now! In fact, it was just enacted into law in the great state of Texas!

But here in Ohio? Legislative moderates like Speaker Cupp are running interference for more liberal members of their caucus by refusing to bring HB227, Constitutional Carry, up for a vote!

Speaker Cupp represents all Ohioans, and with the 2022 Republican primary election already coming into view, now is the time to remind him that Constitutional Carry should be at the top of the agenda!

Send your PRE-WRITTEN email to Speaker Cupp TODAY demanding that he bring up Constitutional Carry for a vote right away, so he knows that in order for gun owners like us to support his caucus in the future, he better deliver for us!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, the most effective political fighting force in Ohio!