Tell the Politicians in Columbus to Pass Constitutional Carry NOW!

Constitutional Carry is already law in seventeen states — almost one-third of the nation — and is on the move in states all over the country!

In fact, it was just signed into law in Utah recently and passed the Iowa Legislature!

But here in Ohio, weak moderates in the House and Senate have been blocking and outright killing this legislation for years.

Remember, these lawmakers work for you and with the 2020 elections behind us, now is the time to demand they do their jobs and pass Constitutional Carry!

Tell ’em Governor DeWine should not be able to curb-stomp the right to keep and bear arms in Ohio EVER AGAIN!

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN email in support of HB 227, Constitutional Carry legislation right away, so the politicians in Columbus know that you expect them to publicly support, push for and vote YES on HB 227!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, the most effective political fighting force in Ohio!