Make Ohio a 2A Sanctuary State!

The Radical Left wants to dismantle our 2nd Amendment so they can destroy freedom and construct a total state of tyranny.

We say HELL NO, and we are fighting to make Ohio a gun-rights sanctuary state instead, just like Missouri!

Representative Mike Loychik’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB62) would block federal gun-control laws in Ohio by preventing federal government from commandeering state and local law-enforcement resources to enforce federal gun laws.

But RINO Republicans and the anti-gun politicians in Columbus are doing everything they can to stop us, and that’s why gun owners need to stand up and FIGHT for these freedoms!

SIGN your pre-written petition to the Ohio General Assembly demanding that they protect our freedoms and pass HB62 out of the General Assembly NOW!

And when you’re done, please make a donation to Ohio Gun Owners and help us FIGHT BACK!