Oppose the Bloomberg Gun Control Agenda!

The vicious attacks on our gun rights are in full swing, and the hits are coming fast!

Michael Bloomberg and his vicious gun-grabbers are on the move here in Ohio too, and they are going for the jugular! 

Cecil Thomas, a known Hate-America Leftist, has introduced the Bloomberg Gun Control Agenda, and it will totally destroy our freedoms if we don’t do something about it!

These bills State Senator Cecil Thomas are introducing will:

>>> Mandate the registration of all firearms!
>>> Leave college-aged adults defenseless!
>>> Allow Nan Whaley and the Radical Leftist mayors across Ohio to regulate our gun rights into extinction!
>>> Implement Governor DeWine’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation orders without due process!
>>> Ban bump stocks and other attachments for ‘accelerating’ a gun’s rate of fire!

Don’t count on our weak ‘Republican’ leadership to stop this on their own, as some have entertained, spoken highly of, or even sponsored gun control themselves in past years!

If we push back, we can make sure that these bills never see the light of day! But you must ACT NOW!

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing the Bloomberg Gun Control Agenda in Ohio immediately.

When you’re done, please join Ohio Gun Owners as a member and help us push back against this anti-American agenda by clicking here, or going to www.JOINOGO.com.