Oppose Biden’s National Gun Registry!

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the America-hating leftists in Congress have declared open war on the Second Amendment, and their number one agenda is to pass a national registry of gun owners under the guise of universal background checks!

Once they have a gun registration scheme — it’s very easy for the government to move on to gun confiscation

What’s more, Universal background checks (H.R. 8/S.529) will make FELONS out of gun owners who transfer a firearm without first obtaining government permission!

So if you give your family heirloom firearms to your favorite nephew, for example, without government permission, under this bill, you would be a felon for LIFE!

On top of that, universal background checks have not stopped a single mass shooting over the last ten years!

This isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

These bills have just been filed in Congress, but Pelosi and Schumer want to pass this FAST!

Don’t let them get away with this! Fight back NOW! Send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Congressman and U.S. Senators using our automated system and tell them to ‘VOTE NO’ on this bill, or you’ll find someone who will! 

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, and help us battle on behalf of your Second Amendment rights by clicking this link or going to www.JoinOGO.org!