Stop the DeWine-Husted Gun-Control Agenda!

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted’s ‘Pink-Slip’ gun control proposal bypasses Ohio’s criminal court system (where you normally have to be convicted of a crime before losing your gun rights!) and instead empowers liberal probate court judges to strip someone of their Second Amendment freedoms!

Worse, this proposal would expand the ‘Red Flags’ concept by allowing liberal probate judges to strip you of your freedom based on a mere claim someone might make that you use drugs or drink too much alcohol!

In other words, with NO criminal charges being filed against you, Governor DeWine would empower liberal judges to strip you of your firearms over personal grievances, such as a bitter ex claiming you drank too much last weekend and threatened someone!  

This is madness!

And even worse, the DeWine/Husted gun control agenda would normalize the practice of disarming someone for non-violent misdemeanor offences.