Stop the War on Gun Owners and the AR-15!

Gun-grabbers in the Ohio legislature, like Senator Cecil Thomas and many others have declared open war on the Second Amendment, and one of their top agenda items is to ban and confiscate the AR15 and hundreds of similar firearms!

The AR15 is the most popular firearm in America — with over 9 million sold during the Obama administration alone — and serves as a deterrent to criminals and tyrants alike.

And, of course, if they are even able to ban the AR15, they would come after all semi-automatic firearms the very next day. In fact, radical socialists across the country are now openly calling for house to house gun confiscation!

These people hate the Second Amendment, hate the fact that we have this tangible sign of freedom, and they are determined to crush us!

Please take a moment to sign your petition demanding that your lawmakers oppose any effort to ban our beloved AR-15!