OGO’s LWRCI AR15 Gun Giveaway!

As you may know, Ohio Gun Owners is trying to drastically grow the size of our grassroots army as we approach the coming elections, lame duck session and NEXT legislative session.

The past few months we’ve been combating Governor Kasich’s gun-control Omnibus bills, like HB585 and SB288.

And in the upcoming lame-duck session of our General Assembly, we face a multi-faceted target of opportunities, including even passing some major pro-gun reforms!

While it’s too soon to make precise estimates of what lies ahead, we aren’t waiting around to figure out.

That’s why we are preparing – right now – to face whatever threats may arise.

So won’t you please take a moment to get involved with Ohio Gun Owners?

There has never been a better time, because to help grow our grassroots army we are giving away a tricked-out LWRC International AR15 rifle and accessories package valued at over $2,500!

I hope you’ll sign up for this giveaway, and consider joining or renewing your support for Ohio Gun Owners at the same time.

The deadline to enter is midnight on the July 31st, there’s only one way to enter and that’s by clicking this image below and signing up!

Don’t wait – enter now!

— Chris Dorr

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