Tell Shane Wilkin to PASS HB227!

Constitutional Carry is already law in 21 states – nearly half of AMERICA – and is on the move in states all over the country!

In fact, it just became law in the great state of Texas!

But where is the Ohio Constitutional Carry bill? Crumpled up and crammed into the bottom drawer of House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin’s big, fat, fancy desk at the Ohio Statehouse, COLLECTING DUST.

Keep in mind that Ohio has a Republican trifecta of power: the House, Senate, and Governor’s Mansion are all “Republican,” just like Texas!

But we will NEVER get pro-gun bills passed in Columbus if people like Shane Wilkin don’t do the jobs they promised their districts at election time that they would do and pass Constitutional Carry out of his committee!

Tell Shane Wilkin, “NO MORE EXCUSES – pass the bill NOW!”

And when you’re finished, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners so we can crank up the heat on the politicians at the Statehouse and in Washington and FIGHT LIKE HELL for our freedoms!