Tell DeWine: “Sign Constitutional Carry!”

After a total blitzkrieg on Ohio’s legislative Republicans, SB215 passed the General Assembly and is now on Governor DeWine’s desk!

Ohioans have been waiting decades for this to pass, and with the Marxist Left trying to destroy America, it is long past time for government to get out of the business of regulating freedom.

That being said, Governor DeWine’s signature is not guaranteed: he was rated “F” in Congress and pushed for massive gun-control bills as Governor of Ohio.

So we refuse to just sit back and “hope for the best” – we’re spoiling to finish this fight.

Please join with us and take action to pressure Governor DeWine to sign Constitutional Carry into law by sending your pre-written email and calling his office IMMEDIATELY!

And when you’re finished, please make a donation to Ohio Gun Owners and help fund this political pressure campaign on the Governor by going to