Tell Kevin Miller: Vote YES on SAPA!

The Ohio House is close to passing HB51, the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act!

But like always, the gun-control groups and Ohio’s politicized law enforcement associations like the FOP and the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association are going all-out to defeat it.

And it is no surprise, given their history (dating back to 2004) of OPPOSING pro-gun bills.

They opposed Stand-Your-Ground law, Concealed Handgun Licenses, and Constitutional Carry and made wild predictions that there would be blood in the streets, an increase in “vigilante justice,” shootouts at the OK Corral and even more outlandish foolishness.

Right now they’re going all-in to stop HB51, the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA)!

This bill makes it so that Ohio law enforcement officers, who are paid for by Ohio taxpayers, only enforce the Ohio gun laws made by the Ohio General Assembly that Ohio voters elect every two years!

Even better, Ohio law enforcement would be PROHIBITED from enforcing federal gun-control laws, executive orders or ATF “rule changes.”

And if an anti-gun mayor like Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther orders the Columbus PD to enforce federal gun-control laws anyway, HB51 provides for the ability for private citizens to sue the Columbus PD and the mayor’s office in civil court for damages!

HB51 continues to allow Ohio law enforcement participation in federal drug task forces, sex-trafficking task forces and human-trafficking task forces, and they can still enforce federal firearm violations uncovered in the course of those investigations!

The problem is, Representative Kevin Miller is dangerously close to caving in and voting with the Democrats against the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Call and email him right away – tell him to vote YES on the most important pro-gun bill ever voted on in the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act!