Save our Constitution!

Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and the Communist Left are lining up to repeal Ohio’s pro-gun laws and codify their entire gun-control agenda by destroying Ohio’s Constitution and replacing it with mob-rule!

The Ohio General Assembly can stop the Left by increasing the vote threshold for amending our Constitution to 60% and by creating an August special election…

… but they are dragging their feet!

We can’t let that happen – we have to FIGHT BACK!

That’s why we are asking you to send a pre-written email to the members of the House Government Oversight Committee, demanding that they bring up Senate Bill 92 for a vote, vote YES, and pass it onto the House floor so we can save our gun rights and our Constitutional freedoms from billionaire elites who want us disarmed and helpless!

And after you’ve sent your emails, please chip in whatever you can afford to help us make the pressure to protect our Constitution white hot in Columbus!