OH Senate: Pass SB215 NOW!

State Senator Terry Johnson introduced a MONSTER pro-gun bill in the Ohio Senate, and it is packed with pro-gun goodies:

  • Constitutional Carry = INCLUDED
  • Pre-trial immunity hearings = INCLUDED
  • Repeal of Ohio’s Duty to Notify law = INCLUDED

This is all crammed into one awesome package, Senate Bill 215!

But we know for an absolute fact that anti-gun Democrats and backstabbing RINOs will team up to try to kill this bill from the outset.

And the fact is, the Ohio Senate GOP has a miserable record when it comes to protecting, let alone expanding, the rights we have as Americans.

Jump in with both feet and help us HAMMER this bill into law!

Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION in support of SB215 NOW and help us stand up and FIGHT for our gun rights and pass this beautiful bill this session.

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, the most powerful political fighting force in Ohio!