Help Stop the Columbus Mag Ban!

Big city liberals in Columbus and Cincinnati are taking action against our beautiful Second Amendment freedoms, and it’s time to fight back!

State Representative Bill Dean (R-Xenia) is sponsoring an amendment to the State Budget bill (HB33) that would put an end to these attacks on our gun rights, and slap a $50,000 civil penalty on the cities per occurrence for each violation of our rights!

This would allow citizens the ability to take these loser mayors and city council members to court for civil damages, and if a judge determines that a city ordinance violates the state’s newly strengthened preemption law? They have to pay up, and immediately halt their unconstitutional attacks on our rights.

That’s why this amendment needs to be included in the budget and passed NOW.

This amendment could be included or rejected at any moment, so please send your pre-written email to your State Representative and urge them to support the Dean amendment, and sponsor this amendment to the budget, too!

And when you’re finished, become part of Ohio’s most effective and hardest hitting gun group by going to!