Stop HB383, the ‘Soft on Crime’ Bill!

Kyle Koehler and members of the House Republican Caucus have sponsored House Bill 383 to look ‘tough on crime’ by enhancing the penalty for the presence of a firearm under the ‘weapons under disability’ law.

It’s anything but tough on crime.

If House Republicans really want to be ‘tough on crime’, they would make the penalties for committing violent crimes much stiffer, so that thugs are not back on our streets to commit more crimes!

But they would rather punish folks for the mere existence of a firearm. Sad.

They should be passing bills that are proven to stop violent crime like enhancing our lacking self-defense laws, and boosting our Constitutional Carry law, so Ohioans can defend themselves against thugs anywhere and with any tool they choose.

Take action against House Bill 383 today by sending your State Representative a pre-written email demanding that they torpedo this bill, and instead pass bills that will actually stop violent crime!

And after you’ve done that, become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, so we can continue fighting for your gun rights in Columbus and in Washington!