STOP the Dolan/DeWine Gun-Control Mega Bill!

ALERT: Republican State Senator Matt Dolan has introduced a dangerous gun-control omnibus bill that has Mike DeWine’s backing!

For starters, SB357 would:

Implement Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Red flag laws are a drone strike on our constitutional right to due process. They empower liberal, activist judges to confiscate a citizen’s firearms without the citizen ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime!

Codify Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration

Matt Dolan and Mike DeWine want to track, trace, and register Ohio gun owners so they can confiscate our guns and shove their tyranny down our throats, and under this bill they call it “Seller Protection” licenses.

Spend exorbitant taxpayer money for ‘Mental Health’.

“Mental Health” reform is the Left’s camouflaged words for gun control.

Their ultimate goal is to label anyone who loves America or loves our heritage or rejects wokeism or rejects CRT or rejects the Left’s agenda as a “danger” and strip away their firearms. And remember, these are the same “mental health professionals” that think gender-blockers for prepubescent kids are okay, that it’s okay for teenagers to get sex-changes and who believe that pumping grade-schoolers full of psychotropic drugs is okay!

The bill sponsor, Matt Dolan, is the fake Republican from Cleveland whose woke family owns and changed the name of the Cleveland Indians, and now he’s teaming up with DeWine to push this gun-control as part of his plan to launch a US Senate bid in 2024!

Dolan’s SB357 is like DeWine’s 2019 “Strong Ohio” gun-control on steroids and it already has widespread support within the Ohio House and Senate GOP Caucuses and the Governor’s mansion!

To make matters worse, this is coming at gun owners during “lame-duck session” when many Representatives and Senators will be retiring or booted from office by their constituents and no longer listening to the will of We the People.

It is critical that you IMMEDIATELY sign the ‘HELL NO!’ petition to your legislators demanding that they denounce Matt Dolan and this vicious attack on our Second Amendment freedoms!

And after you’ve done that, defend freedom on the front line and join as a member of Ohio Gun Owners today!