STOP National Registration of Firearms, H.R.8!

ALERT: Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and every gun-control organization you can think of are attacking our freedoms RIGHT NOW!

Their number one agenda is to pass a searchable, national database of every gun owner in America — under the guise of “universal background checks” — so that they commence construction of a future, nationwide confiscation law. 

H.R.8 is written and designed to be the chief cornerstone of gun confiscation by outlawing the private sale of firearms between individuals without first adding your name to the government registry.

Every gun owner in America knows that Background Checks don’t stop killers. They never have, and they never will – just think of any mass murder spree in the last ten years!

But this isn’t about stopping violent crime, it’s about control. So please help us stop this bill by sending your petition immediately!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, and help us battle on behalf of your Second Amendment rights by clicking this link or going to!