Tell the Government Oversight Committee: Pass SAPA Now!

The lawless Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ unconstitutional “pistol brace” ruling goes into effect May 31st, and gun owners need to act fast to block it from becoming law in Ohio, too!

Right now, Ohio law incorporates federal law right into our state statutes, so when the ATF’s pistol brace goes into effect on May 31st, Ohioans who legally purchased a pistol-braced firearm and did not register them as short-barreled rifles with the corrupt ATF will have committed a felony under Ohio law.

That’s why we need to pass House Bill 51 by Rep Mike Loychik, and FAST.

Problem is, HB51, OGO Second Amendment Preservation Act, is in the House Government Oversight Committee, and it needs to be voted out and sent to the House for a full floor vote.

Please contact Speaker of the House Jason Stephens and House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Bob Peterson and urge them to move HB51 out of Committee WITH Ohio Gun Owners’ revisions and pass it out of the House!

Don’t wait – Act NOW!

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