We surveyed every candidate running for the Ohio Republican State Central Committee asked them all the 7 questions listed below. Each candidate was clearly informed that a failure to return the 2022 Ohio Gun Owners survey or refusal to answer particular questions would be graded as an anti-gun position. Gun owners are situated to make a huge impact by making knowledgeable choices in the primary process.

Answer Key:  S=Sponsor | C=Co-Sponsor | Y=Yes | N=No

Survey Questions & Answers

Gun owners in Ohio have faithfully supported the Republican candidates in elections and generally recognize the Ohio GOP as the ‘pro-gun’ political party in Ohio. However, many elected GOP politicians have supported gun control in the past or have voted against pro-gun bills in Congress and our General Assembly.

Question 1: Do you believe that being pro-gun is an essential plank of the Ohio Republican Party platform that both the party apparatus and elected GOP representatives up and down the ballot must respect?

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The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Article 1 Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution states, “The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security”.

Question 2: Do you believe that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 1 Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution recognize every Ohioan’s God-given right to keep and bear arms and prohibits the Government from restricting that right?

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“Extreme Risk Protection Orders,” commonly referred to as ‘Red Flag Orders,’ would allow virtually anyone to petition a court and make the claim, with little evidence or substantiation, that a person is a “danger to themselves or others.” Under “Red Flag Orders” or an expansion of Ohio’s “Pink-Slip” laws, liberal judges could, possibly even through ex parte hearings and with no due process of law, issue a “Red Flag” order or “Pink-Slip” order, stripping a law-abiding gun owner, who has never even been arrested, indicted or convicted of a crime, of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Question 3:  If elected, would you OPPOSE and REFUSE to endorse any GOP candidate that supports or has supported ‘Red Flag Orders,’ expanding Ohio’s ‘Pink-Slip’ laws and similar legislation that would deny law abiding Ohio citizens their gun rights without due process and without ever having been convicted of a crime?

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Following the Dayton, OH shooting in 2019, The Uvalde, TX school shooting and Buffalo NY grocery store shooting earlier this year, anti-gun lawmakers, the media and Bloomberg funded activists have been screaming for a complete ban of the AR-15 (and standard 30-round magazines) and hundreds of related firearms all because of a variety of cosmetic features. Legislation has been introduced to ban these firearms in Washington, D.C., and lawmakers here in Ohio have introduced similar legislation. This, despite the fact that all semi-automatic firearms function essentially the same way.

Question 4:  If elected, would you OPPOSE and REFUSE to endorse any GOP candidate that supports or has supported legislation banning the manufacture, sale or possession of semi-automatic firearms and/or large-capacity magazines, recognizing that these restrictions do nothing to stop crime but only serve to harass gun owners?

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Almost every political candidate will say “I support the Second Amendment” but not all will stand firmly against new and invasive forms of gun control, especially when “compromises” are offered.

Question 5: If elected, will you OPPOSE and REFUSE to endorse any GOP candidate that supports or has supported any method of gun control, including those that the media calls “reasonable,” such as bans on “ghost guns,” laws that disallow those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning and carrying guns, increasing the minimum age of those who carry guns for self-defense, new taxes on ammunition, new ways to track guns and gun owners, the use of homemade firearms and the use of pistol braces?

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Gun owners in Ohio, who have supported Republican candidates up and down the ballot in election cycle after election cycle, are angry that their votes for GOP Representatives such as Rob Portman, Anthony Gonzalez, Mike Turner, Dave Joyce and Steve Chabot are returned with backstabbing betrayal as their recent votes on S. 2938 indicate.

Question 6: If elected, will you move to strip GOP politicians of their endorsements and party funding, including the ones listed above, that vote to restrict Ohioans’ 2nd Amendment rights?

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For years, the Ohio Republican Party has been misleading grassroots gun owners across the State by taking sides in contested primary elections. Often, the candidates endorsed and supported by the Ohio Republican Party are not strong supporters of our Second Amendment that Ohio republicans deserve, and in some cases have worked to undermine our gun rights once elected. Recent examples of this include Governor Mike DeWine, Senator Rob Portman, State Senator Jerry Cirino, State Senator Stephanie Kunze and State Senator Matt Dolan to name a few.

Question 7: If elected, will you move to amend the Ohio Republican Party bylaws to ban them from endorsing and providing financial support to candidates in contested primary elections – allowing gun owners and GOP voters to fairly vet and elect their representatives?

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