2024 Ohio Gun Owners Sheriff Candidate Survey

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Question 1

Emergency Risk Protection Order or ‘Red Flag’ laws would allow judges to order the confiscation of a citizen’s firearm(s) based on hearsay evidence, in court hearings where the accused may not even be allowed to testify on their behalf. In practice, these laws create a process to strip away a citizens’ firearms and rights, citizens who have not been convicted of any crime with no due process and no ability for them to defend themselves in court of law - as we have seen in states like Indiana, Florida and others.

If elected, would you and your agency enforce a ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation law if such a bill was passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor?
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Question 2

As governments of various levels are increasingly becoming more authoritarian and tyrannical, it is incumbent upon County Sheriffs to be freedom’s last line of defense, defending the county from tyranny, no matter who is sponsoring it or where it comes from.

If elected, will you and your agency oppose restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms and refuse to enforce them within your county?
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Question 3

Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and the ATF are diligently working to federalize state and local law enforcement around the country, bribing them through equitable sharing program dollars and myriad federal resources. These programs are designed to make it nearly impossible to operate without their resources – ultimately rendering them addicted to their federal “partnerships.”

If elected, will you and your agency refuse to operate on any joint task force with the ATF that is designed to confiscate firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition from gun owners?
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Question 4

Gun owners have been battling for several years to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which simply says that Ohio law enforcement cannot be ‘commandeered’ to enforce Joe Biden’s gun control agenda, while maintaining the ability of law enforcement to partner with federal officials to enforce laws of the State of Ohio or of a political subdivision of Ohio. This constitutional, 10th amendment legislation is widely supported by the grassroots gun owner community across Ohio, including many in your county.

Do you support the Second Amendment Preservation Act, otherwise known as Substitute House Bill 51?
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Question 5

Joe Biden, almost daily, rants and raves for the need to ban semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15, Ruger 10-22s, and nearly all firearms capable of accepting 10-round magazines or more. And legislation to do just that has hundreds of congressmen and congresswomen supporting it.

If elected, would you enforce an ‘Assault Weapons’ ban, or any firearm ban within your county?
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Question 6

Many gun owners expect their elected County Sheriff to be the last line of defense against tyranny in their county, whether that be from President Joe Biden, the Governor of Ohio or anyone in between. For example, when Illinois, Washington State, and New York recently enacted draconian gun-control laws, myriad county sheriffs in those states publicly refused to enforce those laws within their county.

If elected, are you willing to stand up for the rights of gun owners in your county by publicly refusing to enforce a ban on so-called ‘Assault Weapons,’ a national ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation law or gun registration law that was passed at the National, State, or county level?
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Question 7

Almost every candidate running for Sheriff will say "I support the Second Amendment," but not all will stand firmly against new and invasive forms of gun control, especially when “compromises” are offered.

Will you publicly oppose all methods of gun control, including those that the media and proponents call "reasonable," including but not limited to laws that disallow those with simple misdemeanor convictions from owning and carrying guns, increasing the minimum age of those who carry guns for self-defense, new taxes on ammunition, and new ways to track guns and gun owners?
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Question 8

Some people believe that the Second Amendment is not absolute and the term ‘shall not be infringed’ does not mean what it says.

Do you believe in reasonable restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms?
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