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House Bill 86 Heads to Governor DeWine for Signing!

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ohio Senate voted House Bill 86 out of the Senate and on to Governor DeWine for signing ...
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Action ALERT: Possible Final Vote TODAY on HB86!

I’ve got some great news! Yesterday afternoon, HB86 was voted out of the Senate Government Oversight Committee and referred to the ...
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Action ALERT: Senate FIX to HB228 Introduced!

Your phone calls, emails and Tweets demanding a fix to stop HB228 from making felons out of law-abiding gun owners ...
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Action ALERT: Massive Ohio Gun Ban to Take Effect March 24th – Act NOW!

This is an Ohio Gun Owners Emergency Alert. Please read this memo in its entirety and take action below. Effective ...
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Help us STOP H.R. 8!

Nancy Pelosi is working around the clock to deal a kill shot to our gun rights as she works to ...
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Congress to Take Up National Gun Registry Legislation TODAY!

As we work around the clock trying to add Ohio to the growing list of Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry states, ...
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Here Are The Cosponsors For Constitutional Carry So Far:

“Have folks call ’em. That’ll get ’em to cosponsor the bill!” That’s what OGO member Matt just told me on ...
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“Have folks call ’em. That’ll get ’em to cosponsor the bill!”

That’s what OGO member Matt just told me on the phone when he called our office to ask some particulars ...
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Constitutional Carry passes the Senate!

Constitutional Carry just passed through the South Dakota Senate TODAY. It now heads to the South Dakota House, where my ...
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Has your legislator cosponsored the pro-gun bill?

The Second Amendment IS my firearms permit.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. If you’re like some gun owners ...
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Sign your petition to make Ohio a Stand Your Ground state!

Last General Assembly, gun owners got the short end of the stick. As you know, HB228, which was a watered-down ...
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Pelosi Introduces National Gun Owner Registration

Yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared open war on the Second Amendment by introducing H.R. 8 — National ...
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