Chip in $10

Tell your Politicians: HELL NO on Gun Control!

While Republicans in the General Assembly are reneging on their campaign promises and failing to pass pro-gun bills like the Second Amendment Preservation Act, HB51, Democrats are smelling blood in the water and going on the attack.

They are introducing FIVE additional gun control bills that will do nothing to stop violent crime but will only harass gun owners and take away our guns!

That’s why gun owners must fight back before its too late.

Please send your State Representative and State Senator a pre-written email urging them to stop, block, and vote NO on all gun-control, and instead pass pro-gun bills like HB51!

And when you’re finished, please chip in $10 or even $5.56 to help us keep the pressure on Republican politicians at the Statehouse to put gun-control bills into the trash, where they belong.