Chip in $10


The Ohio House is close to passing HB51, the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act, but 8-10 RINOs are BLOCKING it from coming to a vote!

Right now they’re going all-in to stop HB51, the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) due to opposition from the politicized hacks at the ‘law enforcement’ lobby organizations!

Ohio Gun Owners has done extensive research on these organizations and exposed them for their anti-gun history of opposing pro-gun bills at the Statehouse.

But we can’t let these politicians and their lobbyist buddies hold up the most pro-gun bill ever introduced! 

That’s why your State Rep needs to hear from you immediately.

Send them a pre-written email, and call them on the phone NOW demanding that they CALL THE VOTE on SAPA, HB51!

And if they give you pushback, tell them that Ohio Gun Owners will keep Ohio gun voters informed on their actions, and inactions, when it comes to our gun rights.