Chip in $10

Oppose the Mental Health Red Flag Bill in Columbus!

The Radical Left is getting creative in their attempts to pass gun control through the Ohio General Assembly.

This time they’ve introduced House Bill 249, a ‘mental health’ bill, with the help of lame duck “Republicans” like Brett Hillyer and Sara Carruthers.

House Bill 249 is simply a rebranded attempt to pass the DeWine/Kasich/Kunze/Ecklund/Henne/Dolan “Red Flag” gun confiscation agenda.

Ohio gun owners are getting sick and tired of government pretending they have the answers to the moral issues plaguing our state and nation (when in fact, their policies are usually major contributing factors).

The same “mental health professionals” that will be making the decisions on who they get to take the gun rights away from if this law passes are the same jokers who were just fine shutting Ohio and America down during the COVID-19 response and labeled freedom-loving Americans as “mentally-ill.”

So please take action right away by sending a quick, pre-written email to your State Representative urging them to stop, block and vote NO on HB249, the Mental Health Red Flag bill!

And when you’re finished, chip in to help us fight back against gun-control in Columbus!