Chip in $10

Vote NO on HB421!

Tomorrow, Republicans are bringing a Democrat-sponsored gun-control bill up in the House Government Oversight Committee, and I’m asking you to take quick action to stop it in its tracks.

The “goal” of the task force is to have monthly, taxpayer-funded meetings that examines “gun violence” in different cities, examine gun-control laws from other states that “work,” examine the “best practices” of gun-control and then report their findings to the Ohio General Assembly.

It’s total hogwash.

You and I both know their “findings” would never include Dave Yost’s study about how violent crime actually plummeted after Ohio passed Constitutional Carry.

And we know dang well that their findings will not include any mention of the fact that violent criminals are terrified of armed citizens.

Instead, these taxpayer-funded gun control activists will insist that the only way to “reduce gun violence” is to reduce guns and “get guns off the streets,” and the only way they can do that is by banning and confiscating them from you and me.

So please take action right away by sending an email to your State Representative urging them to stop, block and vote NO on HB421, the ‘gun violence task force’ bill!

And when you’re finished, chip in to help us fight back against gun-control in Columbus!