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Tell your Rep to Vote NO on the “Gun Ban” Bill!

The Radical Left at the Statehouse is pulling out all the stops to BAN our firearms and make gun owners into felons overnight. 

This time, they have introduced House Bill 433 that labels common firearms like AR-15s and Glock 19s (and more) as ‘mass casualty firearms’ because they can accept drum mags!

And if this Gun Ban bill passes, owning these firearms can get you slapped with a felony charge and a $2,500 fine just for having them!

Democrats are testing the wires to find our weaknesses, so we have to shut this bill down HARD to protect our Second Amendment freedoms here in Ohio.

So please take action right away by sending a quick, pre-written email to your State Representative urging them to stop, block and vote NO on HB433, the Gun Ban Bill!

And when you’re finished, chip in to help us fight back against gun-control in Columbus!