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For Immediate Release!

Contact: Chris Dorr Contact: 614.420.5729 Email: [email protected] October 9, 2018 Ohio Gun Owners Opposes Judicial Overreach in Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence Proposal! The proposed Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence rule change is a violation of the very Constitution the Ohio Supreme Court is sworn to uphold. “This is a clear-cut example of one branch of government overstepping their bounds and making a play to become the sole

ACTION ALERT: Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rule Change to Destroy Second Amendment

This is an Ohio Gun Owners ACTION ALERT for the entire state of Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court is proposing a judicial rules change that would fundamentally alter the Second Amendment by stripping the legislative branch of its power to protect due process and instead instituting judicial gun-confiscation by decree. The public comment period ends Friday, which means gun owners like you and me from across Ohio need to THUNDER our opposition – and

Kasich launches another attack against gun owners

Governor John Kasich made a critical mistake Monday afternoon by slipping up and announcing his intentions to cram Red Flags gun-confiscation into law in the upcoming “Lame Duck Session.” “Lame Duck” is when the politicians return to Columbus AFTER elections are over so thaty won’t have to face the voters for any bills they might pass. In his press conference, Governor Kasich admitted that he’s been meeting with Gabby Giffords

Heading out to Hurricane Florence

While you’re used to receiving emails from me on behalf of Ohio Gun Owners about the fight for the Second Amendment here in Ohio, this email is going to be different. The Board of Directors of Ohio Gun Owners has given me permission to write to you in my personal capacity, to talk to you about an opportunity to help some of the countless people about to be impacted by

Win a Sig P229 from Ohio Gun Owners!

Media elites and lawless Deep State “investigators” are in a mad rush to topple this President. Their goal is to send the loud-and-clear message that politicians who aren’t Of the Swamp, For the Swamp and By the Swamp better NEVER even think of running for office again. And gun-grabbers and their pals in the media believe they’re finally set to “cash in” on the pure political poison they’ve been flooding

We're giving away the "assault weapon" that Governor Kasich HATES!

Governor Kasich hates them. Representative Mike Henne fears them. Mike Bloomberg spends millions to outlaw them. And the lyin’ Moms Demand Action lobby to make you a felon for owning them. That’s why we thought that we would give away an LWRC International piston-operated AR15 AND a pair of Magpul 60-round drum magazines to one lucky Ohioan – ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Teaming up with our friends over at L.E.P.D. Firearms and Range in Columbus, we’re giving away an

Happy Independence Day from Ohio Gun Owners!

Happy Independence Day from the board of Ohio Gun Owners! On this day, 242 years ago, our nation adopted it’s Declaration of Independence, telling England (the world’s largest superpower!) that we would be a sovereign nation forever more. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England. Hearing that everyday men and women

Action ALERT: Huge opportunity approaching to pass Stand-Your-Ground in Ohio!

After John Kasich and his cronies in the Statehouse opened a war on our Second Amendment Rights following Parkland, gun owners have been fighting back tooth and nail. And let me tell you, your voices have been THUNDERING at our Statehouse. But this coming Wednesday, we have a huge opportunity to go on offense and pass real Stand-Your-Ground law when HB228 comes to the House floor for a vote! You 

Ohio Senate Committee Moves to Advance Gun-Control Bill - Act NOW!

It’s another week that our General Assembly is meeting in Columbus, and another week Republicans are moving gun-control bills! As you know, Republican under State and Local Government Committee Chairwoman Marlene Anielski have been moving Kasich’s House gun-control bill, HB585 by Mike Henne. This week, however, it’s the Republicans in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee that are advancing Governor Kasich’s Senate gun-control, SB288 (and other gun-control bills). So don’t delay – please click

A message from the board of Ohio Gun Owners

From the board of Ohio Gun Owners, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, but I hope you’ll pause for a moment, too. As we honor the memory of those who have given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy today, it’s important to remember what those heroes fought for. They paid the price so you and I can speak, worship, associate and live freely with each other