Bernie Moreno SURVEYS with Ohio Gun Owners!

OGO Nation, this week marks the start of OGO’s 2024 Republican Primary election advocacy efforts, and we are kicking it off BIG.

First out of the gate: Republican US Senate candidate Bernie Moreno!

Now, as most everyone knows, Moreno is running in the race to become the Republican nominee to challenge gun-grabbing Democrat incumbent US Senator Sherrod Brown in the November general election, and Brown who supports for the entire Biden/Left gun-control agenda.

Everyone knows how bad Sherrod Brown is on gun control, and that’s exactly why gun voters want to know where Bernie Moreno stands on our gun rights. 

In recent weeks, Ohio Gun Owners became aware of an alarming statement made by Moreno back in 2019, before he was a candidate, in which he said,

“but this whole gun debate, damn, we can’t say this is how many magazines a gun can have. What gun do you need to have 100 bullets in it? That doesn’t mean I’m going to take your g*ddamn gun away. Do you really have 100 bullets at one time?

To be clear, OGO believes that gun owners have a right to own whatever firearms they choose and as many tens of thousands of rounds of ammo to go with them as they want, along with however big of drum magazines hanging below them as makes you feel happy and carefree.

“Do you really have 100 bullets at a time?”

Try 100,000 bullets, my dude.

This organization defends your right to have an absolute MOUNTAIN of guns and ammo because the 2nd Amendment is a final check and balance on tyrannical government that decides to go genocidal.

When Moreno’s quote broke on the internet, a host of OGO members contacted us to make sure that we were going to “survey” Moreno to get him on record about these important issues.

That is exactly what we did.

One thing I’d like to note here is that there are a whole lot of people now in 2024 that have a very different view of gun rights after all that has happened in the last four years.

2020’s summer of violence, the business shutdowns, the cultural lockdowns, the forced vaccinations, watching people get drug into the streets in other countries for refusing to comply with “government mandates…”

All of these things have caused MILLIONS of Americans to join the ranks of gun owners, so it was important for us to get Moreno on the record now vs his statements in 2019.

Today, I’m happy to report that Republican candidate Bernie Moreno filled out the 2024 Ohio Gun Owners federal candidate survey and completed every single question.

Based on his candidate survey responses, Bernie Moreno has earned an Ohio Gun Owners’ Survey Pro-Gun Rating of 100%.

You can see the survey questions here.

It is important to get as MANY candidates as possible to go on record about how they will vote if they get elected because gun voters need to know that whoever the Republican nominee is, that they will go to Washington and cast votes that represent them.

The fact is, we can’t afford to have anyone of ‘ours’ delivering big wins for the Radical Left.

For example, in the summer of 2022, trash “Republican” US Senator Rob Portman betrayed gun owners and voted for Joe Biden’s “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” gun control bill that funded states to pass their own ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation laws.

I’m glad to report that Moreno is a ‘NO’ on federal Red Flag laws. And that goes for a lot of bad gun-control laws:

➜➜ Moreno is a NO on the ‘Assault Weapons’ ban.

➜➜ Moreno is a NO on Universal Gun Registration.

➜➜ Moreno is a NO on outlawing 30-rnd magazines and firearms made from 80% lowers.

➜➜ Moreno is a NO on gun-confiscation laws disguised as “mental health reform.”

And Moreno is a YES on some key areas as well.

➜➜ Moreno is a YES on eliminating the scandal-ridden and lawless ATF.

➜➜ Moreno is a YES on repealing the deadly Gun Free Schools Act.

➜➜ Moreno is a YES on a national SAPA law that prohibits the used of federal funds for gun control enforcement.

This is GOOD NEWS for gun voters looking to make a pro-gun decision in the Republican Primary Election for United State Senator.

The reason why is simple: whoever the Republican nominee is, they are going to have to run against Sherrod Brown, one of the most capable campaigners the state of Ohio has ever seen, and one who likes to disguise the Far Left agenda he really fights for in Washington.

Bernie Moreno promises that, if elected, he’ll be 100% pro-gun in his representation of Ohio.

But the good news doesn’t stop there.

I’m excited to announce that we already have another candidate in this Republican Primary for US Senate that has responded to the OGO candidate questionnaire (Frank LaRose!), and we will be highlighting his response in our next email, so stay tuned!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners