City & County Legislation

Gun Rationing in H.R. 5717!

With all that has been going on in our state (and our country as a whole) over the last month, sales of firearms and ammunition have been skyrocketing! It’s easy to see why. It seems like every hour brings more concerning news about the Coronavirus and the state and federal government’s reaction to it. That’s one of the things that makes America the most incredible country  on earth; we can exercise

SUCCESS! Clermont County REMOVES "Gun-Free Zone" Signs!

You did it! This morning at 11:15am, the Clermont County Fair Board reversed it’s policy of hanging “No-Guns Allowed” signs at the fair entrances and took them all down! They made no secret about why they were taking them down, either. They said they were taking them down because they had received hundreds and hundreds of emails from you folks! Click below to watch the video: The power of Ohio

Action ALERT: Gun owners in Clermont County need our help TODAY!

It’s no secret that Ohio has a terrible “preemption” statute. Ohio’s preemption statute, ORC 9.68, is the statute that supposedly prevents local cities, counties or any “political subdivision” from creating their own gun-control laws, but it is terribly weak! It is so weak, in fact, that anti-gun county officials down at the Clermont County Fair have decided to violate it and hang illegal signs at their entrances telling gun owners

Wellston, OH General Mills Plant Targeting Gun Owners

The General Mills plant in Wellston, OH is punishing employees who believe in the Second Amendment, and those employees need our help! Please read this short email and take quick action. As most Ohio gun owners know, last Tuesday was the day Ohio law went into effect and restored gun owners’ ability to leave a firearm in their vehicle at their place of employment. Right on cue, anti-gunners like the “Ohio