Federal Legislation

Gun Rationing in H.R. 5717!

With all that has been going on in our state (and our country as a whole) over the last month, sales of firearms and ammunition have been skyrocketing! It’s easy to see why. It seems like every hour brings more concerning news about the Coronavirus and the state and federal government’s reaction to it. That’s one of the things that makes America the most incredible country  on earth; we can exercise

Trump Calls for National ‘Red Flag’ Law – Take Action!

It was hard to watch. In case you missed it, at a press conference earlier this morning President Trump announced his full support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in the wake of the Texas and our Ohio shootings that took place last weekend. This is the very same legislation being pushed by the radical left and weak-kneed moderates in Washington D.C. and state legislature all over the country! And

Help us STOP H.R. 8!

Nancy Pelosi is working around the clock to deal a kill shot to our gun rights as she works to pass H.R. 8. This bill would create what the gun-grabbers have always wanted: a national database of every gun and gun owner in the country! This bill already has a whopping 230 cosponsors – more than the number of votes needed to pass this bill. But cosponsoring a bill and

Congress to Take Up National Gun Registry Legislation TODAY!

As we work around the clock trying to add Ohio to the growing list of Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry states, we are also paying close attention to the war against gun owners going on in Washington, D.C. That’s why I’m writing you today, as it appears likely that Congress will be holding hearings TODAY on H.R. 8! H.R. 8 is being sold to gun owners as an innocent ‘Universal Background

Pelosi Introduces National Gun Owner Registration

Yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared open war on the Second Amendment by introducing H.R. 8 — National Gun Owner Registration. Having been funded to the tune of well over $100 million from billionaire, anti-gun NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, her #1 priority is to pass a national registry of gun owners under the guise of universal background checks! Universal background checks will make FELONS out of gun owners

Little Marco Rubio Introduced Red Flags Gun Seizure Bill

Moments after the U.S. Senate gaveled in on Thursday, Florida Republican Senator Little Marco Rubio introduced Senate Bill 7 — ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations.’ This is the fight I’ve warned about for months, and now it’s finally here. In a nutshell, Red Flags would allow for government confiscation of your firearms without due process. If someone you know simply calls you in and says you’re “crazy”, under Red Flag law,

Action Alert: Ohio senate president Obhof caves, signals support for Kasich gun-control

“Everything’s on the table.” That’s what Republican Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof said yesterday about Governor Kasich’s “Red Flags” gun confiscation bills in the Senate! please read this short email and take action to defend your gun rights – more on that below. Believe me, I’ve seen some “about face” maneuvers in my years of advocating for the Second Amendment – but Senator Obhof’s actions Wednesday afternoon probably take the

Read My Letter to President Trump

Yesterday I signed a pointed letter to an acquaintance of our organization — Special Assistant to the President of the United States — who vowed to circulate it among Senior White House staff. The letter, which I’ve linked for you to read below, was signed by EIGHT other state-level Second Amendment organizations. The two key themes of the letter: 1. The government failed in Florida and more government will never

Ohio Gun Owners' Letter to President Donald J. Trump

  Contact: Chris Dorr Contact: 614-420-5729 Email: [email protected] February 22, 2018   Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose Obama-Style Gun Control Proposals! On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was defeated and President Trump was elected, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of grassroots gun owners. After eight years of fighting with President Obama’s Administration to defend our gun rights,

We need your help next session!

If you have already renewed your Membership in Ohio Gun Owners for 2018 and Renewal form — and our database hasn’t caught up with our email system, — please accept my sincerest apologies for this reminder. But if you have yet to renew your membership for 2018, please do so right away by clicking on the renewal link below. The truth is, as I told you in my previous email,