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Gun-Control Companion Bill INTRODUCED in Ohio Senate!

Things just went from bad to worse. But first some good news. Last night, lame duck Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger announce that, due to an FBI corruption investigation into his tenure as Speaker, he would be stepping down effective May 1, 2018. Speaker Rosenberg was one of two major driving forces behind the machine to ram through Governor Kasich’s gun-control agenda. However, not stepping down until May 1st

OH ALERT: Gun-Control Bill Hearings Scheduled for TUESDAY!

It’s all out war at the Statehouse against our gun rights. In an alarming late-Friday afternoon political stunt, House leadership scheduled a hearing for Governor Kasich’s gun-confiscation bill, HB585, for THIS TUESDAY! Trying to give gun owners little time to oppose it, they are RAMMING HB585 through at lighting speed. So I’ll cut right to the point. Term-limited Republican turncoat Representative Mike Henne introduced Governor Kasich’s HB585 on Thursday. Then, term-limited

Republican Gun-Control Omnibus Bill Introduced at Statehouse!

This is an Ohio Gun Owners EMERGENCY ALERT about a gun-control bill introduced at the Statehouse. Please read this email in its entirety and take immediate action! Thursday morning, Representative Mike Henne (R-Clayton-HD40) introduced House Bill 585, a gun-control omnibus bill designed to destroy our 2nd Amendment freedoms in Ohio. This gun-control bill is backed by Governor Kasich, Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger and the entire Republican leadership team

Why won't Mike DeWine fill out his gun rights Candidate Questionnaire?

With Ohio Governor John Kasich on the warpath against gun owners and a battle raging to replace him, I hope you’ll read this email and take action! It’s no secret that Kasich has joined up with Bloomberg to architect a gun-control omnibus bill that’s about to be unveiled at the Statehouse. That’s why, with time running out on Kasich’s governorship, Ohio Gun Owners is mobilizing gun owners by the thousands to block

Ohioans fighting to destroy the Second Amendment

“This is crazy! I never thought I’d live to see so many people in Ohio fighting to destroy the Second Amendment. I need to become a member now!” That’s what Stephen C from Westerville told us over the phone last night as many of you have contacted us about the massive gun control protests going on in Columbus — and across the nation — this weekend. Simply put, many Ohioans

STOP H.R. 5087

If Dianne Feinstein gets her way, every single “semiauto” handgun, rifle and shotgun in the country will be BANNED! Just a short while ago, H.R. 5087 was introduced in the United States Congress.  H.R. 5087 mimics S. 2095, the Feinstein Gun Ban, otherwise known as an “assault weapons ban.” Four Ohio Congressmembers (along with 169 others) are cosponsors of H.R. 5087: Joyce Beatty Marcia Fudge Marcy Kaptur Tim Ryan And

EVENT SCHEDULED: RALLY for Gun Rights at the Statehouse!

Gun owners like you and I have been under BLISTERING attack ever since the Florida shooting on Valentine’s day. Everyone from Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” to “Giffords” to the Brady Campaign, politicians in both parties and ALL of their friends in the anti-gun media have been howling for gun-control! And here in Ohio, with Governor John Kasich spearheading the anti-gun movement with his pals in the Statehouse, it’s time for

I have very bad news. Please read this email and take action right away! A few hours ago, Governor John Kasich held a press conference at the Statehouse and outlined a 6-pronged plan of attack for passing gun-control through our Statehouse! Making sure everybody understood his proposal is a STARTING point, his proposal would include: 1. Banning bumpstocks. 2. Expanding the failed background check system. – The background check system hasn’t

UPDATE on SB260, Kasich's Gun-Ban Legislation - and MORE gun-control about to be introduced!

I wanted to give you all an update on Senate Bill 260, the gun-ban being pushed in the Ohio Senate. As you know, SB260 would outright BAN firearms – all the way down to a simple Ruger 10/22 – if they can even accept a 10-round magazine! Not only that, but virtually every modern sporting rifle and pistol that you use to defend yourself and your family would be banned.