Ohio Gun Control

Here is what Ohio gun owners face in 2020

Next session is going to be explosive with Governor DeWine and a growing number of Republican lawmakers determined to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation here in Ohio. And no, he’s not calling it that anymore. In fact, both DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted are working around the clock with key legislators as well as their pals in the fake news media to try to rebrand this bill. The worst

Gun-Control Hearing Tomorrow: Urge your Senator to vote NO on HB123!

Tomorrow morning at 10:15am in the south hearing room of the Ohio Senate, gun-control House Bill 123 will be hearing “opponent testimony” from citizens like you and me. HB123, as we have explained previously, is a social engineering bill that would pave the way for gun-control organizations like Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise to enter our schools under the guise of teaching “violence and suicide prevention,”

DeWine/Husted Gun-Control Hearing: ZERO video or recording allowed!

I could hardly believe my ears when Ohio Senate Government Oversight Committee Chairman Bill Coley’s staffer shoved the “request form” back into my hands. “Chairman Coley has denied your request, you do not have permission to record today’s meeting.” I couldn’t even believe it. In the dozens and dozens of committee hearings I have attended for our membership ever since we founded Ohio Gun Owners three years ago, I’ve never

Action ALERT: DeWine/Husted Gun-Control Hearing!

When the Dayton killer walked into the Oregon district on the morning of August 4 to execute his murderous rampage, the rights of law-abiding gun owners like you and me were thrown onto the chopping block. And tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm in the Senate Government Oversight Committee, the first attack will commence as Jon Husted and Mike DeWine’s gun-control bill, SB221, has its first hearing. That’s why I’m urging you

SPOOKY Gun-Control: Urge your Senator to vote NO on HB123!

If there’s one thing we know for sure here at Ohio Gun Owners, it is that the radical left is bulldozing harder than ever before to dismantle the traditional fabric of our state and nation. The Democrat party has been hijacked to the point of embracing pure communism, and many jelly-spined Republican politicians have adopted a “kowtow policy” in response to their demands. So with “our side” on the run with

Action ALERT: Husted and DeWine ATTACK!!

Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted launched their official attack on our gun rights last Monday, and it is bad. Gun-control radicals in our legislature and across the state are overjoyed, giddy that “Republicans” are buckling to their pressure and introducing gun-control bills they couldn’t dream of getting passed in Ohio. Democrat Senate Minority leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) praised them, saying “I’m encouraged by Gov. DeWine’s message

Details: The Terrible Truth Behind HB123

“Chris, what this bill (HB123) would do is simply take what parents used to do for kids and have government fill that role.” I couldn’t even believe the stark, honest truth had escaped his lips. In fact, had I been taking a sip of the coffee I had in my hand at that precise moment, it probably would have spewed everywhere! But that’s what State Representative J. Todd Smith told me

DeWine Attacks: SEVEN gun-control bills announced for Wednesday hearing!

When Mike DeWine said in early August that he intended to capitalize on the blood of the innocent victims murdered on August 4th in downtown Dayton, we believed him. His decades-long political career prove just how horrific he is when it comes to gun rights, with votes to allow gun-control organizations to sue firearms manufacturers, his joint-effort with Dianne Feinstein to re-institute the Clinton Gun Ban, and more! And now

DeWine moves to pass Feinstein-enhancement of Federal Gun Owner Database

Yesterday at 10:00am, turncoat Governor Mike DeWine and now-shameful Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted held another press conference in which they announced to the media (it was a “media-ONLY event”) their plan to pass more laws in the wake of the Dayton, OH murders in early August. This round of new laws is designed to massively expand Ohio’s data flow into the Federal Gun Owner Database known as the NICS system.

When offenses come...

Ohio Gun Owners exists to represent and intercede for our membership — folks like you — to the political class in Columbus and across our state. We fight hard to advance pro-gun legislation, we fight ruthlessly to defeat the left’s America-hating gun control agenda, our loyalty is to our cherished Second Amendment freedoms and our fealty is to you, our members and supporters. We don’t exist to serve the political class