Frank LaRose SURVEYS with Ohio Gun Owners!

I told you earlier today that this week was the start of OGO’s 2024 Republican Primary efforts, and we’re not going to slow down.

This is a breaking OGO news alert: Republican US Senate candidate Frank LaRose has surveyed with Ohio Gun Owners 100% pro-gun!

LaRose, already the Ohio Secretary of State, didn’t hold back or qualify any of his answers, either.

A) Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown want to BAN the AR15 and other ‘Assault Weapons.’

Frank LaRose: “NO.

B) Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown want to OUTLAW 30round magazines and 80% lowers.

Frank LaRose: “NO.”

C) Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown want to pass a national ‘Red Flag’ law that destroys due process for gun owners and allows liberal judges to order a gun owners’ firearms confiscated with no charges, no trial and no conviction.

Frank LaRose? “NO.”

Just as important, LaRose made it clear he’s a YES on some very important things that gun owners believe in, too:

  1. Eliminate the scandal-ridden, lawless ATF?

    Frank LaRose: “Yes.”

  2. Repeal the deadly Gun Free Schools Act?

    Frank LaRose: “Yes.”

  3. Pass a national SAPA law that prohibits the use of federal funds for gun control enforcement?

    Frank LaRose: “Yes.”

Frank LaRose filled out the 2024 Ohio Gun Owners federal candidate survey and completed every single question correctly.

Based on his candidate survey responses, Frank LaRose has earned an Ohio Gun Owners’ Survey Pro-Gun Rating of 100%.

You can see the survey questions here.

OGO believes firmly in the importance of getting ALL of the Republican candidates for US Senate on record about how they will vote if they get elected because gun voters need a Republican who will go to Washington and represent Ohio, not represent Washington to Ohio.

We’ve already experienced that.

In his final act of betrayal, garbage “Republican” US Senator Rob Portman screwed gun owners by voting for Joe Biden’s “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” gun control bill, only AFTER he had leveraged his personal connections in Washington long enough to get personally rich.

Frank LaRose’s 100% pro-gun candidate survey promise is EXCELLENT NEWS for Ohio gun voters who are looking to make a pro-gun decision in the Republican Primary Election for United State Senator.

Sherrod Brown, the Democrat running against them in November, is a gun-control radical who supports the entire Far-Left gun-control agenda, INCLUDING total gun confiscation.

That means TWO out of the top three candidates running to be your Republican nominee for the US Senate, Frank LaRose and Bernie Moreno, are already on board the pro-gun train!

And that is EXCELLENT news.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners