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Gun Rationing in H.R. 5717!

With all that has been going on in our state (and our country as a whole) over the last month, sales of firearms and ammunition have been skyrocketing! It’s easy to see why. It seems like every hour brings more concerning news about the Coronavirus and the state and federal government’s reaction to it. That’s one of the things that makes America the most incredible country  on earth; we can exercise

Massive Gun Control Bill Filed in D.C.

  While America is on lock down across the country, radical socialists in Washington, D.C. are working overtime to advance the biggest gun control bill that I’ve seen in all the years that I have been fighting for gun rights! You might think that with the Dow plummeting 35% percent in the last month and with America facing the potential of 20% unemployment in the coming weeks, that these people

Here is what Ohio gun owners face in 2020

Next session is going to be explosive with Governor DeWine and a growing number of Republican lawmakers determined to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation here in Ohio. And no, he’s not calling it that anymore. In fact, both DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted are working around the clock with key legislators as well as their pals in the fake news media to try to rebrand this bill. The worst

Merry Christmas from Ohio Gun Owners!

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We mention family often in our emails and direct mail updates to our members and supporters because, after all, that’s the whole point of Ohio Gun Owners -– preserving and defending the Second Amendment for the next generation! Our forefathers fought and died to make sure that we would have the

Pull the Trigger on OGO's Black Friday Special!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day with your family and that you are enjoying your holiday weekend! If you are one of the millions of Americans looking for Black Friday deals today, look no further than Ohio Gun Owners for the Second Amendment Patriot on your shopping list! As you know, 2019 has been an all-out war in the fight for the Second Amendment here in Ohio as

Senate Stand-Your-Ground Bill Scheduled for Proponent Testimony!

The Senate Stand-Your-Ground bill, Senate Bill 237 by Senator Terry Johnson, has been scheduled for proponent testimony! This is a very important event, so please mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 3rd at 3:15pm in the South Hearing Room of the Ohio Senate, and Site, please plan on attending. SB237 is the mirror image of House Bill 381 by Representatives Candice Keller and Ron Hood, and if passed it will

Gun-Control Hearing Tomorrow: Urge your Senator to vote NO on HB123!

Tomorrow morning at 10:15am in the south hearing room of the Ohio Senate, gun-control House Bill 123 will be hearing “opponent testimony” from citizens like you and me. HB123, as we have explained previously, is a social engineering bill that would pave the way for gun-control organizations like Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise to enter our schools under the guise of teaching “violence and suicide prevention,”

DeWine/Husted Gun-Control Hearing: ZERO video or recording allowed!

I could hardly believe my ears when Ohio Senate Government Oversight Committee Chairman Bill Coley’s staffer shoved the “request form” back into my hands. “Chairman Coley has denied your request, you do not have permission to record today’s meeting.” I couldn’t even believe it. In the dozens and dozens of committee hearings I have attended for our membership ever since we founded Ohio Gun Owners three years ago, I’ve never

Action ALERT: DeWine/Husted Gun-Control Hearing!

When the Dayton killer walked into the Oregon district on the morning of August 4 to execute his murderous rampage, the rights of law-abiding gun owners like you and me were thrown onto the chopping block. And tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm in the Senate Government Oversight Committee, the first attack will commence as Jon Husted and Mike DeWine’s gun-control bill, SB221, has its first hearing. That’s why I’m urging you

SPOOKY Gun-Control: Urge your Senator to vote NO on HB123!

If there’s one thing we know for sure here at Ohio Gun Owners, it is that the radical left is bulldozing harder than ever before to dismantle the traditional fabric of our state and nation. The Democrat party has been hijacked to the point of embracing pure communism, and many jelly-spined Republican politicians have adopted a “kowtow policy” in response to their demands. So with “our side” on the run with