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Ohio Senate Committee Moves to Advance Gun-Control Bill - Act NOW!

It’s another week that our General Assembly is meeting in Columbus, and another week Republicans are moving gun-control bills! As you know, Republican under State and Local Government Committee Chairwoman Marlene Anielski have been moving Kasich’s House gun-control bill, HB585 by Mike Henne. This week, however, it’s the Republicans in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee that are advancing Governor Kasich’s Senate gun-control, SB288 (and other gun-control bills). Gun owners didn’t elect these “pro-gun

Kasich's gun-control bill could BAN AR15's!

If you’ve been watching the Ohio House of Representatives pick their new Speaker, you already know it has been a dazzling display of discord. Representatives Ryan Smith, Larry Householder, Andy Thompson and others have been battling it out, each side claiming foul as they all look to shore up the votes they need to grab the gavel. But while this distraction has been front and center on Ohio’s political stage,

A message from the board of Ohio Gun Owners

From the board of Ohio Gun Owners, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, but I hope you’ll pause for a moment, too. As we honor the memory of those who have given their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy today, it’s important to remember what those heroes fought for. They paid the price so you and I can speak, worship, associate and live freely with each other

I'll see you at 10am tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning is it. It’s our chance to stand in opposition to Governor Kasich’s gun-control bill, HB585, before the House State and Local Government Committee. It’s our chance to tell them plainly, “HECK NO!” It’s our chance to Stand and FIGHT for the Second Amendment. It’s our chance to preserve and protect our Second Amendment for our kids and our grandkids and their kids. I hope you’ll be there. It starts

OH Alert: Time Change for tomorrow's hearing!

There has been a revised schedule published by the Stand and Local Government Committee Chair’s office. Instead of 9:00am tomorrow morning, the opponent testimony against HB585 has been rescheduled for 10:00am. If you’re planning on bringing folks with you to tomorrow’s hearing, please forward this email on to them so they’re made aware! — Chris Dorr Click here to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

ACTION ALERT - Federalism Committee Chairwoman Trying to KILL the Zeltwanger Amendment?!?!

We don’t have much time. This afternoon at 4:00pm in the Federalism Committee, Representative Paul Zeltwanger is moving an amendment to HB228 that would make the bill a 100% rock solid Stand-Your-Ground bill. Alarmingly, rumors are swirling around the Statehouse that Federalism Committee Chairwoman Kristina Roegner is going to move to KILL the Zeltwanger Amendment without even so much as a vote. Chairwoman Roegner has already been blocking HB201, the Constitutional Carry bill

Three ways you can oppose HB585 at Thursday's hearing

9am on Thursday morning in room 114 at the Statehouse is our chance to OPPOSE and testify against Governor Kasich’s gun-grab, HB585. A direct assault on gun owners, HB585 would: ➤ Destroy due process for gun owners by creating secret, star-chamber court hearings that would allow for gun confiscation without a gun owner even being present to defend themselves. ➤ Destroy a gun owner’s 4th Amendment protections to be secure

Strengthen HB228 - vote YES on the Zeltwanger Amendment!

gun owners like us have been getting our teeth kicked in lately here in Ohio. With another hearing on Thursday regarding Governor Kasich’s gun-control bill (HB585), however, we’ve got some teeth kicking of our own to keep doing to stop their attacks on our gun rights. But right now I’m asking you to take a moment to contact the members of the House Federalism Committee before tomorrow’s hearing at 4pm. You

OH Alert: Pro-Gun Amendment Needs Your Action!

The week ahead is critical for gun owners in Ohio because we need to kill a gun-control bill, but we also need to help advance a pro-gun bill! As you probably know, there’s a watered-down version of self-defense reform working its way through the General Assembly, called House Bill 228. Not only is it incredibly weak, but it will likely get weakened further as it works its way through the

Aiding and Abetting Mass Murder

86 minutes. The Houston Chronicle waited 86 minutes before they began beating the drum for gun control in the wake of a mass shooting at a Houston metro school this morning that has claimed 10 lives so far. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took that long. You see, the playbook for the radical left is always the same: wait for a tragedy, make sure our propaganda talking points run around