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Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose National Reciprocity in Its Current Form!

Contact: Christopher Dorr Contact: 614.420.5729 Email: [email protected] On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was defeated and President Trump was elected, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of grassroots gun owners. After eight years of fighting with President Obama’s Administration to defend our gun rights, many gun owners assumed that 2017-2020 would be our chance to go on the offense in Washington D.C.

Gun-Control Hearing TODAY - take action now!

Today in the US House Judiciary Committee there will be a hearing on gun-control legislation that spells long-term bad news for gun owners. Please read this short email, and when you are done call and email Ohio’s two Congress members who sit on the US House Judiciary Committee! It is no secret that background checks don’t stop madmen bent on committing murder, and here’s a list of shootings where the killer

Happy Thanksgiving, Web!

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from Ohio Gun Owners! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends that you may not have seen for some time. When the weekend is over, I also hope that you’ll redouble your commitment to the fight over the Second Amendment here in Ohio. We Ohioans have a lot to be

Feinstein/Cornyn Gun-Control Bill Introduced!

When Hillary Clinton lost her election over a year ago to President Donald Trump, you may have assumed that our gun rights were secure for the foreseeable future. Maybe you thought that we could finally pass some pro-gun bills in D.C. for a change. But that was before the Las Vegas and Texas shootings. As the demand for gun control reaches a fevered pitch, Republican Senator John Cornyn (TX) teamed

Renew Your Support in OGO for 2018 Today!

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Second Amendment supporters here in Ohio in 2018. After the recent killing spree in Las Vegas, gun-grabbers believe the political winds will be blowing their way in 2018. BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are ready to pour in MILLIONS of dollars to launch their takeover of Ohio. First, their goal is to KILL all the momentum you and I have built

Stand-Your-Ground Law in Ohio

With our battle to advance HB201 (Constitutional Carry) progressing through the Statehouse, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what we believe will become a major political fight for gun owners in the year ahead. Ohio Gun Owners was founded for the basic purpose of defeating gun-control and passing major pro-gun bills: Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry. Thanks to your efforts and support, Constitutional Carry is already making huge

Pulling back the curtain - how the Vitale Amendment died yesterday

Yesterday morning, at the request of Ohio Gun Owners, Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) attempted to run a major pro-gun amendment to HB142 that would benefit gun owners across the state. If you’ve been watching our emails or seeing our Facebook posts, you already know that in its original form, HB142 was a rock-solid bill that would’ve eliminated Ohio’s notorious “duty to notify” law that requries CHL holders to notify law-enforcement on

"I certainly hope so."

“I certainly hope so,” Nancy Pelosi replied when asked if a bumpstock ban was the beginning of a “slippery slope” leading to more gun-control. What we were afraid would happen when the NRA signaled it was willing to cut a deal with gun-grabbers is coming true. You’re probably well aware that a few days after the Vegas murders the NRA came out and told the media and gun owners that they agreed

Don't Give an Inch!

It’s been a week now since a madman launched a deadly attack in Las Vegas that killed and wounded hundreds of people. Several Ohio residents were in the crowd, including a man from Columbus who desperately tried to aid riddled victims. The pictures and videos that have emerged from that night are difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand –- and compounded by the fact that we may

How things are shaping up post-Vegas

The noise we’ve been hearing for the last two days has been nonstop. After the tragic murder of 59 people at a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas, the radical left seized on the moment and immediately went to work. And this time they didn’t even wait for the blood to dry. Whenever there is a crisis, Ohio gun-grabbers won’t let it go to waste. “The fact is that when