Ohio Courts

Supreme Court UPDATE: Light up their phones!

THOUSANDS of gun owners contacted (or tried to contact!) the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday to demand they retract their rule proposal (explained below). So many of you were sending emails that we overloaded their system, but that’s why I’m writing you again today. Gun owners can’t let up the pressure now, so we’ve got another email address prepared for you to try again today! Please Click HERE to send a pre-written email to

ACTION ALERT: Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rule Change to Destroy Second Amendment

This is an Ohio Gun Owners ACTION ALERT for the entire state of Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court is proposing a judicial rules change that would fundamentally alter the Second Amendment by stripping the legislative branch of its power to protect due process and instead instituting judicial gun-confiscation by decree. The public comment period ends Friday, which means gun owners like you and me from across Ohio need to THUNDER our opposition –