Matt Dolan is a Gun-Grabber

Gun-control activist, state senator and US Senate candidate Matt Dolan is surging in the polls, and gun voters need to know Dolan’s record of support for the Radical Left’s gun control agenda before heading to the polls in the Primary on Tuesday!

In this email, we are going to take a brief look at Dolan’s legislative career and establish the facts about Dolan’s legislative career of gun-control activism.

The most important thing that gun voters in Ohio need to know about Matt Dolan is how dedicated he has worked to attack the gun rights of Ohioans during his time in the Ohio Senate.

In fact, he is the only candidate running in the Ohio US Senate Republican primary to be rated “F” by Ohio Gun Owners.

Political Career

In 2016, Dolan ran for the Ohio Senate and won.

Dolan quickly revealed his support for the Radical Left’s gun-control agenda by fully supporting then-governor John Kasich’s call for Ohio to pass a ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation law, introduced by Dolan’s friend, Representative Mike Henne.

To be crystal clear, ‘Red Flag’ laws destroy due process rights of gun owners by allowing a judge to order someone’s firearms taken away from them without the gun owner ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime.

Dolan’s dedication to attacking gun rights took front and center stage after the murder spree in Dayton’s Oregon District in August of 2019.

It was nasty.

Matt Dolan partnered with Governor Mike DeWine (who as a US Senator in 2004 reintroduced the “Assault Weapons Ban” with deceased US Senator Dianne Feinstein) and Dayton Democrat Mayor Nan Whaley to introduce a massive omnibus gun-control bill, SB221.

Their initial proposal included the kitchen sink: an “assault weapons” ban for Ohio, outlawing 30-round magazines, statewide gun registration and far more.

Ohio Gun Owners didn’t wait around to see the final language and IMMEDIATELY went to work mobilizing the grassroots to defeat Dolan’s gun-control agenda.

When Dolan’s SB221 was finally revealed, the bill contained Red Flag Gun Confiscation on STEROIDS language that would’ve made Ohio one of the worst states in America for gun rights.

OGO’s grassroots army absolutely destroyed that bill.

Sadly, Dolan was reelected in 2020 for his second and final term in the Ohio Senate.

Plotting his run for the 2022 US Senate race to replace Rob Portman, Dolan again introduced a massive gun-control omnibus bill late in the session (SB357) in the hopes of getting the bill passed into law during Lame Duck session.

Quite frankly, SB357 was one of the worst gun-control bills we’ve seen at the Ohio Statehouse.

Here’s what it would have done, if passed:

  • Implement Red Flags through ‘Behavioral Risk Assessments’ that would have allowed mental health ‘experts’ to diagnose Ohioans as a behavioral risk, allowing judges and prosecutors to confiscate someone’s firearms.
  • Implement a 72-hour waiting period before purchasing a firearm.
  • Lay the foundation for Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration.
  • Restrict the private sale and purchasing of firearms.
  • Codify federal gun laws in Ohio Revised Code, allowing state and local cops to enforce Joe Biden’s gun control agenda.
  • Classify many common firearms as ‘restricted-access’ firearms.

Implement a new state-level background check system, in addition to the NICS check, on all firearm purchases.

(Matt Dolan, flanked by the bill’s chief opponents – OGO Director Chris Dorr and his brother Aaron)

Yet again, because of a MASSIVE mobilization effort against the bill by Ohio Gun Owners’ members and supporters, including tens of thousands of calls, emails and social media messages sent to the General Assembly, Dolan’s gun-control fantasies were totally shut down.

But that’s not all.

Matt Dolan’s political career is littered with anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-common sense votes and actions:

  • Voted AGAINST HB99, allowing trained teachers and personnel to carry firearms in schools.
  • Voted for HB123, that brought gun-control organizations like Sandy Hook Promise into the schools to teach your kids and grandkids ‘social inclusion’ programming and teach them to hate our gun rights!
  • Voted YES on HB62 to raise the gas tax by over 10 cents per gallon.
  • Voted YES to Medicaid Expansion in Ohio, AKA Obamacare.
  • Consistently voted to spend taxpayer money for abortions.
  • Voted YES on the most corrupt piece of legislation in Ohio history, the energy bailout bill, HB6.

This is how it is.

In fact, Dolan is the only Republican running in this race to refuse to go on record by filling out his 2024 Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey.

Both Bernie Moreno and Frank LaRose signed their 2024 Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey correctly, answering all of the questions and pledging their opposition to the Radical Left’s gun-control agenda like.

At the end of the day, the one thing that Matt Dolan has never done to gun owners is apologize.

And that’s exactly what gun owners deserve from Matt Dolan.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The election date is March 19th.

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