September 2018

Kasich launches another attack against gun owners

Governor John Kasich made a critical mistake Monday afternoon by slipping up and announcing his intentions to cram Red Flags gun-confiscation into law in the upcoming “Lame Duck Session.” “Lame Duck” is when the politicians return to Columbus AFTER elections are over so thaty won’t have to face the voters for any bills they might pass. In his press conference, Governor Kasich admitted that he’s been meeting with Gabby Giffords

Heading out to Hurricane Florence

While you’re used to receiving emails from me on behalf of Ohio Gun Owners about the fight for the Second Amendment here in Ohio, this email is going to be different. The Board of Directors of Ohio Gun Owners has given me permission to write to you in my personal capacity, to talk to you about an opportunity to help some of the countless people about to be impacted by