June 2019

Bloomberg Gets Boost from Media to Stop Constitutional Carry!

Ohio Gun Owners’ members and supporters scored a big win for Second Amendment rights yesterday! For the first time since Constitutional Carry was first introduced in 1995, it passed a standing House Committee in the Ohio General Assembly. Before it passed, Representative Ron Hood successfully ran an amendment that stripped out the terrible language added last week by Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) when he recruited anti-gun Democrats on the committee

Representative Hood Prepares Correction Amendment for HB178 - Your Action NEEDED!

The Second Amendment was written as a prohibition on government, NOT on law abiding gun owners like you. Believe it or not, there ARE some states in America where the legislatures take that seriously! That’s why Republican legislative leadership in our neighboring states of Kentucky and West Virginia went to bat for gun owners and delivered the big wins of Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground for their gun owners. In all,

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If you have Facebook, please click the image below and watch our video from yesterday afternoon. If you don’t have Facebook and can’t see this video, please read tomorrow morning’s 8:15am email, as there have been many important developments since this video first aired. For Ohio, Chris Dorr Executive Director Ohio Gun Owners Not a member? Join HERE. Already a member? Contribute HERE.

Republican Kyle Koehler derails Constitutional Carry

ACTION ITEM BELOW! Please scroll down and take action once you have read this article! You’ve sent thousands of emails. You made hundreds of phone calls. You demanded NO votes on weakening amendments. Above all, you told them to vote YES on HB178, the Ohio Constitutional Carry Act. And because of all of your hard work we are getting very close to moving Constitutional Carry out of the House Federalism

Vote Likely This Week on Constitutional Carry!

I’ve got some great news, but I also have some alarming news, so I hope you’ll read this email and take quick action! Good News The great news is that Constitutional Carry is scheduled for a vote in the House Federalism Committee this coming week, possibly on Wednesday. Before a vote happens, however, the Federalism Committee will be holding an “interested party testimony” hearing, and that is scheduled for Wednesday

Action ALERT: Tell House Leadership "NO Amendments on HB178!"

The Ohio Prosecuting Attorney’s Association (OPAA) is trying to GUT the Ohio Constitutional Carry bill, and we need your help to stop them! If “OPAA” makes alarm bells go off in your head, you’re thinking of the right group. Spearheaded by their anti-gun “leadership” from Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties, OPAA is infamous in the Ohio gun rights community for testifying against virtually every single pro-gun bill to come before the