March 2019

Ohio Constitutional Carry Act INTRODUCED!

I hope you’re ready for a fight, because I’ve got some BIG news! This morning at 11:30am, I joined Representatives Ron Hood (R-Ashville) and Tom Brinkman (R-Mt Lookout) in the Chief Clerk’s office in the Ohio House as they submitted Constitutional Carry for Ohio Gun Owners! To watch the video of today’s Constitutional Carry introduction, click HERE. The Ohio Constitutional Carry Act received a bill number in today’s floor session,

ALERT: New TV/Media Ad Released Statewide

We’ve just released our new ad entitled: “Stop Red Flag Gun Seizures”! The ad encourages Second Amendment supporters to contact our US Republican Senator Rob Portman and insist he oppose “Red Flag Gun Seizures” (Senate Bill 7), to be heard in the US Senate in DC as early next week. Please click here or below to watch the ad and chip in whatever you can afford to keep it running

Hearing Set for Red Flag Gun Seizure Legislation!

While many gun owners have rightfully been focused on what’s happening to our gun rights in Columbus, we can’t take our eye off of Washington, D.C. As we’ve warned you about for some time, federal ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation is the most dangerous federal-level threat that gun owners have faced in a very long time! That’s because rather than attack a specific firearm or accessory, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’

Mike DeWine Signs HB86 Into Law!

This afternoon, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 86 into law in his ceremonial office at the Ohio Statehouse! His signature comes as the culmination of the hard work of the thousands of gun owners like you across Ohio who took action and contacted your state representative, state senator and the Governor’s office! With the signing of House Bill 86, firearms like the Mossberg Shockwave, the Remington Tac-13 V3 and the

House Bill 86 Heads to Governor DeWine for Signing!

On Wednesday afternoon, the Ohio Senate voted House Bill 86 out of the Senate and on to Governor DeWine for signing by a vote of 23-9! House Bill 86 fixes last year’s HB228 by preventing common firearms from becoming categorized as “dangerous ordnance,” and will prevent people who own them from becoming targets for anti-gun prosecutors. Clearing this final legislative hurdle (but it still has to pass the governor’s signature pen, yet!)

Action ALERT: Possible Final Vote TODAY on HB86!

I’ve got some great news! Yesterday afternoon, HB86 was voted out of the Senate Government Oversight Committee and referred to the Senate Rules Committee! The Senate Rules Committee meets this morning at 11:00am, and here’s the rub: If we light up their phone lines and email inboxes all morning, there’s a chance that HB86 might get voted out of the Senate today, as there is Senate floor session scheduled for 1:30pm! That’s

Action ALERT: Critical Committee Hearing Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:15pm in the afternoon in the South Hearing Room, the Senate Government Oversight is scheduled to hear HB86 for all testimony. As you’ll remember, this is the same legislation the Ohio House passed last week to fix the mistakes made with the passage of House Bill 228. With the March 28th deadline approaching, gun owners need to keep the pressure on our legislature to ensure that this bill makes