July 2018

We're giving away the "assault weapon" that Governor Kasich HATES!

Governor Kasich hates them. Representative Mike Henne fears them. Mike Bloomberg spends millions to outlaw them. And the lyin’ Moms Demand Action lobby to make you a felon for owning them. That’s why we thought that we would give away an LWRC International piston-operated AR15 AND a pair of Magpul 60-round drum magazines to one lucky Ohioan – ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Teaming up with our friends over at L.E.P.D. Firearms and Range in Columbus, we’re giving away an

Happy Independence Day from Ohio Gun Owners!

Happy Independence Day from the board of Ohio Gun Owners! On this day, 242 years ago, our nation adopted it’s Declaration of Independence, telling England (the world’s largest superpower!) that we would be a sovereign nation forever more. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England. Hearing that everyday men and women