August 2017

It's rights around the corner, Web

Most of the kids have gone back to school, and the days aren’t quite as long as they used to be. When you get up in the morning, the temperatures reveal that we’re on the slide from summer to fall. That means we’re getting close to September and the return of the politicians to the Statehouse in Columbus. Here at Ohio Gun Owners, we’ve been extremely busy all summer long

When the gun-grabbers howl, our ears perk up!

Like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir blasting out George Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” that’s how we feel when we hear the gun-grabbers scream about passing pro-gun bills. If you haven’t been watching, they’re at fever pitch here in Ohio. The Misguided Mommies over at Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action Ohio” hover bleary-eyed over their Facebook “share” button, waiting to regurgitate every anti-gun headline they can find. The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence follows

"I support the 2nd Amendment, but..."

With just a few weeks until the politicians come back for the fall legislative session, the buzz over Constitutional Carry is heating up! Just like we’ve seen with every major gun rights expansion in the last two decades, anti-gunners are tossing around all manner of lies and distortions about the impact of Constitutional Carry law. To prepare you for dealing with anti-gun legislators, Bloomberg-funded activists at the Statehouse, or even