August 2018

Win a Sig P229 from Ohio Gun Owners!

Media elites and lawless Deep State “investigators” are in a mad rush to topple this President. Their goal is to send the loud-and-clear message that politicians who aren’t Of the Swamp, For the Swamp and By the Swamp better NEVER even think of running for office again. And gun-grabbers and their pals in the media believe they’re finally set to “cash in” on the pure political poison they’ve been flooding

Legal Threats to Shut Down Ohio Gun Owners?!

Any day now I expect a loud knock at my door. A slick anti-gun government lawyer — armed with trumped-up legal complaints from Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control organizations and their pals in our General Assembly — will be grinning from ear-to-ear as he tells me, “SEE YOU IN COURT!” Sadly, these ugly tactics are becoming commonplace across America today as anti-freedom forces routinely abuse our legal system to target those