April 2019

Save the Date!

Save the date! Just yesterday I met with the House Federalism Committee chairman, Representative John Becker (R-Union Township), at his office in Columbus. Representative Becker confirmed to me that House Bill 178, our Constitutional Carry bill, will be heard for Proponent Testimony (only people in FAVOR of it get to testify) on May 1st at 9:00am at the Statehouse! Constitutional Carry is powered by only one political entity in this

For those of you who aren't already...

We know a lot of you are already 2019 members or Lifetime members of Ohio Gun Owners, and we couldn’t be more proud to stand with you and fight for our Second Amendment freedom. (Sorry to those of you who are – and please disregard this message!) But if you are not a member already, or perhaps if some of your friends aren’t, now is a great time to become

Sponsor Testimony Complete!

Constitutional Carry continues to pick up momentum! Powered by a surging statewide grassroots demand to restore the right to bear arms across Ohio, Constitutional Carry held its first committee hearing Wednesday morning in the House Federalism Committee. Representatives Ron Hood (R-Ashville) and Tom Brinkman (R-Mount Lookout) offered prepared remarks introducing the bill for the required “sponsor testimony” hearing, then opened up for questions and answers from the committee members. (Watch

This is what Constitutional Carry is (and isn't)!

“I keep hearing about Constitutional Carry and this House Bill 178. What is it, and exactly how does it restore our Second Amendment Rights?” We get questions like that every single day from gun owners, whether they just signed up for our emails or whether they just followed us on our Facebook page. That’s why I thought I’d take a moment here to explain what Constitutional Carry is and why

OGO Offers Pro-Gun Testimony to House Gun Bill Committee!

Yesterday morning I testified for OGO members to the House Federalism Committee (watch the video below), Constitutional Carry has switched bill numbers, it has been referred to committee and Sponsor Testimony is coming next week! Site, there’s a lot happening at the Statehouse, so I hope you’ll read this email, watch the short video below and then take action! First out of the gate is Constitutional Carry. As you know,