H.B. 201

Constitutional Carry Hearing this TUESDAY: Let's Pack the House!

Big news for Constitutional Carry. Thanks to your calls and emails, the House Federalism Committee has scheduled “interested party” hearings on H.B. 201 for this Tuesday! This is Michael Bloomberg and his “Moms Demand Action – Ohio” chapter’s big chance to kill Constitutional Carry before it ever gets off the ground. That’s why I need you to take quick action and do a couple of things. ➤➤ First, call the

FBI: Handgun Murders Drop When States Pass Constitutional Carry

You and I have always known it was true. More firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens equals lower violent crime rates. It’s common sense. A criminal is much less likely to commit a violent crime if they know they could face “early retirement” at the hands of their intended victim. And that’s why Ohio Gun Owners is so committed to passing Constitutional Carry at the Statehouse in Columbus. Constitutional

Progress: Constitutional Carry Moving Across America!

Texas legislators want to call a special session to pass it. North Carolina voted it through their House yesterday. The Wisconsin Senate had their first public hearing on it just last week. And our neighbors in Michigan are making us look bad by passing it through committee and sending it to the House for a full vote. “It” is Constitutional Carry, it’s on the move across the country, and it

ACTION ALERT: Your Calls Needed!

Your pressure is working, but we can’t let up now! Thanks to your calls and emails, Ohio’s Constitutional Carry bill (H.B. 201) was introduced with over two dozen co-sponsors. And now H.B. 201 has already had “sponsor” and “proponent” testimony! But now it is time to crank up the pressure to make sure the House Federalism Committee knows that there is real grassroots support for Constitutional Carry. Constitutional Carry isn’t

Ohio Action Alert: Call the House Federalism Committee!

On Tuesday afternoon the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee heard “proponent testimony” on H.B. 201, Constitutional Carry. I was happy to offer testimony on behalf of Ohio Gun Owners, our members and supporters in support for Constitutional Carry! But it is not enough – not NEARLY enough – for me to simply stand there and speak in favor of the bill! Now that we’ve cleared the hurdles of getting

It's time: Call the House Federalism Committee!

I just received word yesterday that Constitutional Carry will be heard TODAY at 4:00pm in room 115 at the Statehouse! On the agenda? “Proponent testimony.” In other words, now is the time for gun owners across Ohio to make their voices heard that you want Ohio to be the 14th state to pass Constitutional Carry! Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that if you’re legal to own a firearm, you’re

Constitutional Carry Sponsor Testimony SCHEDULED!

The Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill is picking up more steam by the minute – read below! After being introduced less than two weeks ago, we were afraid H.B. 201 was going to be referred to the less-friendly House State and Local Government committee. But instead, it was referred to the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee! That is good news because nine of the thirteen members are already cosponsors.

Constitutional Carry Makes Successful First Move!

It may only have been introduced on Wednesday of last week, but Constitutional Carry just took a huge step forward!You already knew that Constitutional Carry has 24 sponsors. And you already knew that we were waiting to find out which committee it would be assigned to. Now, just yesterday, H.B. 201 was assigned to the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee! But here’s the good news: NINE of the thirteen