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Most of the kids have gone back to school, and the days aren’t quite as long as they used to be.

When you get up in the morning, the temperatures reveal that we’re on the slide from summer to fall.

That means we’re getting close to September and the return of the politicians to the Statehouse in Columbus.

Here at Ohio Gun Owners, we’ve been extremely busy all summer long mobilizing gun owners in preparation for the session to gavel back in.

As you know, we came inches away from passing HB 201 out of the House Federalism Committee late last spring.

Ohio’s Constitutional Carry Act (HB201) would make the Ohio CHL permit system optional.

If you’re legally able to own a firearm under Federal law, you would be able to carry one in the state of Ohio without begging government permission or adding your name to the government database.

That’s the way it is in at least ten of the twelve states that already have Constitutional Carry!

If you’ve been getting our emails or watching our Facebook page, you know that several members of the House Federalism Committee don’t like that.

Spearheaded by notorious anti-gun Representative David Leland (former chair of the Democrat Party of Ohio, finance chair for Ted Strickland, Federal appointee by President Bill Clinton), several legislators are trying to water the bill down before it even makes it out of committee!

You see, instead of pegging Constitutional Carry to the Federal Firearms Prohibited Persons standard, they want to use the Ohio CHL requirements instead.

That way, if you even so much as smoked pot when you were a dumb teenager you don’t get to carry a firearm to protect yourself or your family.

But under Federal law you would still be able to purchase all the firearms you want!

Now if you think a violent criminal, legally able to purchase any firearm he wants, is not going to commit murder because the law prohibits him from carrying his firearm, we’ve got some tropical vacation property to sell you in North Dakota.

At least ten of the twelve Constitutional Carry states passed it pegged to the Federal Firearms Prohibited Persons standard.

And in those states there has been zero increase in accidental shootings, vigilante justice or “OK Corral” scenarios.

Some states, in fact, are already reporting that demand for training and carry permits has actually INCREASED as more people want the reciprocity benefits that accompany a permit!

Ohio citizens are not “worse” than the citizens of any other state, and that’s why the Ohio House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee needs to pass HB201 out of committee as written.

So please join with us as we prepare for the Ohio General Assembly to come back into session in just a few weeks.

If you’re already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, we are proud to have you standing with us.

If you are not yet a member of Ohio Gun Owners, please consider becoming one today!

Please also click the image below and sign the petition to your state representative in support for Constitutional Carry.

We’re collecting thousands of these to print off and deliver to the Statehouse when the politicians gavel back in in September, and we would love to have yours in that stack!

And when you are done, please also consider making a contribution to our work here at Ohio Gun Owners.

Every penny you contribute to Ohio Gun Owners stays right here in Ohio to fight at the grassroots level for major, substantive overhauls to Ohio’s carry laws.

We don’t make endorsements based on political environments (ie: Harry Reid).

We don’t play nice with politicians in the hopes that they’ll see how nice we are and throw us a bone.

And we sure as heck don’t get on bended knee begging that they leave the rights we have remaining intact.

Instead, we’re marshalling a grassroots army of active, mobilized gun owners across the state of Ohio for three purposes:

1) To make sure that gun-control bills at the Statehouse are defeated with prejudice and without mercy;

2) To pass major overhauls to Ohio’s carry laws with the passage of substantive legislation like Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry;

3) To make sure that every vote against, betrayal or knife-in-the-back of gun owners during the legislative season is met with a swift and severe reaction at election time!

That’s it.

So please sign your petition in support for Constitutional Carry, and when you are finished please consider contributing whatever amount you can afford today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Things are ratcheting up in the fight to pass HB 201, Ohio’s Constitutional Carry bill.

With September right around the corner and the legislature’s return to Columbus approaching, we need your help more than ever.

So please read the email above, sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry, and if you aren’t one already please join with us by becoming a member!

And if you wish to help more in the fight to defend and advance our Second Amendment Rights, please contribute whatever amount you can afford today!

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