2018 Pre-Primary Gun Rights Voter Guide!

The May 8th Ohio Primaries are just around the corner and I wanted to make sure you know where your candidates stand on the issues they’ll face at our Statehouse if elected.

Ohio Gun Owners surveyed the candidates running in the 2018 election primary cycle for our Ohio Governor’s Mansion, the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives.

As you’ll see when you click the image below, we asked the candidates nine tough questions that cover some of the major issues that are important to gun owners.

We asked them these specific questions so that you can view their answers and make better decisions about who will best represent you and your Second Amendment Rights if elected.

Primary elections are a golden opportunity for gun owners.

Put simply, primary election season is our chance to do to them what they have done to us during the legislative season.

Once elected, many politicians renege on their campaign promises, doing little if anything and occasionally even outright reversing course and attacking our gun rights!

But politicians also excel at deploying political camouflage – saying one thing and doing another.

Primaries elections are our opportunity to wade through their attempts to distract us from their records and aggressively hold them accountable for bad votes, actions or even inaction!

That’s what our survey program is for – holding them accountable.

Armed with these survey results, you’re in position to hold anti-gun politicians (or those who may be hiding their views from voters) accountable!

Alternately, you’re also in position to reward candidates who aren’t afraid to state where they stand or who have a track record of standing up for gun owners.

Ohio Gun Owners does not endorse candidates because endorsements are first on the chopping block when a politician is looking to advance their political career.

In fact, the gun-control we face in the Ohio General Assembly right now, like HB585 and SB288, are all sponsored by “Buckeye Firearms Association-Endorsed” politicians.

And we don’t play those treacherous games.

That’s why we survey the candidates and provide you the answers – you are their bosses.

We hope you’ll avail yourself to this information and share it with your pro-gun neighbors, family and friends!

(To find out which district primary you vote in, please visit the Ohio District Finder HERE.)
(To find out what your 9-digit zip code is, click HERE)

Once you know what House and Senate District you’re in, please click the image below!


●● Every single House seat is up for election this year, but not all of them have primaries (election for party nominations). If your district isn’t listed, it does not have a Republican Party primary.

●● There are no democrat primaries listed on our survey results page because, although we surveyed every primary candidate, not one single Democrat candidate returned their survey to us.

●● This is the Ohio Senate’s odd-number election year. If you live in an even-numbered Ohio Senate district, you will not have a primary to vote in.

●● Not every odd-numbered district has a primary, either, so you may not see your district number listed.

Please closely examine your district’s candidates to see where they stand.

If you find they none of the candidates in your district have returned our candidate survey, feel free to contact them and DEMAND that they do so immediately!

If they have misplaced or lost their candidate survey, they may request a new one be sent to them by sending an email to: [email protected], and put “candidate survey request” in the subject line.

We hope that you find this information useful and that you’ll share it around to your pro-gun friends, family and neighbors, Web.

But above all else, storm the polls on May 8th and VOTE PRO-GUN!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners
Ohio’s NO-COMPROMISE Grassroots Gun Group

P.S. Ohio Gun Owners has surveyed the primary candidates running in the May 8th Ohio Primaries, asking them the tough questions about where they stand on your gun rights.

For details, please read the email above.

When you’re finished, click on the image below to see where your candidate stand so that you can make the best decision on May 8th!

When you’re finished, please share this voter guide with your friends and family!

Above all else, please go to the polls on May 8 and vote PRO-GUN!

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