Action ALERT: Tell House Leadership “NO Amendments on HB178!”

The Ohio Prosecuting Attorney’s Association (OPAA) is trying to GUT the Ohio Constitutional Carry bill, and we need your help to stop them!

If “OPAA” makes alarm bells go off in your head, you’re thinking of the right group.

Spearheaded by their anti-gun “leadership” from Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton counties, OPAA is infamous in the Ohio gun rights community for testifying against virtually every single pro-gun bill to come before the Ohio General Assembly in the past several years.

They believe if gun owners have their rights restored to them through passage of Stand-Your-Ground law or Constitutional Carry, those same law-abiding gun owners will magically combust into stone-cold killers and “blood in the streets” will be the result.

And this time, not only is OPAA officially registered as “opposed” to the bill, but now they’re trying to con House Federalism Committee Republicans into gutting the bill through anti-gun amendments before it ever has a chance to pass cleanly on the House floor.

The fact is, if the OPAA has a chance of successfully gutting HB178 in committee, it will only be because Speaker Householder and his leadership team give a green light or are not paying attention.

So we need to make sure that the Speaker and his leadership team know that gun owners are ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED to gutting or watering down Constitutional Carry!

That’s why we’re urging gun owners to email Speaker Householder, Speaker Pro-Tem Jim Butler and House Federalism Committee Chairman John Becker and tell them to STAND TALL for gun owners by refusing to allow amendments to HB178!

(NOTE: If the pre-written email links above do not work with your email software, please scroll further down in this email to copy and paste the email addresses, subject line and message body into your own email software and send it that way!)

The committee is happening Wednesday morning at 9:30am, so time is critical. Act NOW!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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Email Recipient Addresses
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Subject Line
NO Amendments on HB178!

Message Body
Dear Speaker Larry Householder, Speaker Pro-Tem Jim Butler and Federalism Committee Chairman John Becker,

The Ohio Prosecuting Attorney’s Association is opposed to HB178, the Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill that is currently in the House Federalism Committee.

Moreover, they are currently trying to offer amendments in the Federalism Committee that would alter and destroy portions of the bill in the hopes that Republicans would be dumb enough to do their dirty work for them.

OPAA is one of Ohio’s most notorious anti-gun politicized law-enforcement associations, opposing every piece of pro-gun legislation in recent history.

They oppose HB178. They opposed last GA’s HB201, HB228, HB590 and even SUPPORTED our loser former Governor Kasich’s radical gun-grab, HB585.

Gun owners are getting sick and tired of watching states all across America pass sweeping pro-gun legislation while we get nothing from our “pro-gun” majorities.

Please kill every amendment to HB178 (unless Ohio Gun Owners agrees to a pro-gun amendment) and vote it as currently written out of the House Federalism Committee and put it on the House floor for a full up-or-down vote.

As a member or supporter of Ohio Gun Owners, we are a growing army of engaged, mobilized 2nd Amendment voters who want bold leadership from our House Republicans without compromising or placating the enemies of our freedom and the Second Amendment.

Thankfully, OGO is closely monitoring the actions of this General Assembly and will be reporting the Assembly’s actions directly back to me and again during Ohio’s election season.


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