Action ALERT: Tell your representative to support Constitutional Carry

With THREE positive hearings already completed for Constitutional Carry (HB178), it is time for grassroots gun owners like you and me from all across Ohio to start directly lobbying our State Representatives to vote YES on Constitutional Carry!

Just like we bombarded our Statehouse with calls, emails and social media messages during the battle to pass HB86 in order to clean up the debacle from last year’s HB228, now we must do the same for Constitutional Carry.

Your representative needs to know that you expect them to do more than just mouth pro-gun rhetoric at election time and that your immediate task for him or her is to vote YES on Constitutional Carry.

After all, your representative in Columbus works for YOU.

Most politicians in Columbus and Washington DC have that backwards and believe that voters, especially 2nd Amendment supporters like you and me, exist to serve them!

But Ohio Gun Owners hurled that idea right out the front window onto the Statehouse lawn the day we got organized back in 2015, and we’ve been barreling forward like a freight train ever since.

Constitutional Carry (HB178) is coming up for “Opponent Testimony” this Wednesday (May 22), and Bloomberg’s paid shills will be spouting nonsense and crawling all over the Statehouse complex demanding that Constitutional Carry be killed by the House Federalism Committee.

That’s why the entire building needs to hear the sound of Ohio’s best citizens — our law-abiding gun owners — trumpeting throughout the halls in support for the freedom that is Constitutional Carry!

Constitutional Carry is a beautiful law and already recognized in sixteen states, and it simply codifies the human right to defend yourself against thugs, criminals and killers with a defensive weapon, without first begging government permission or adding your name to a federalized database like sex offenders are forced to do.

Ohio Gun Owners will be introducing important self-defense legislation very soon, but right now we are laser-focused on moving Constitutional Carry through the House Federalism Committee and we hope you are too.

That’s why we’re asking every pro-gun Ohioan like you to take only a few moments to click the image below and personally lobby your representative right now!

As you will see, we’ve made it very easy and very quick for you to do – just punch in your address, select whether you want to write, Tweet or call your Representative, press “Send Message” and you’re done!

Once you are finished, please forward this email on to your family and friends. The links in this email are generic, and can be used by ANY citizen of Ohio, regardless of what district they live in, to contact their representative.

By simply forwarding this email to all of your friends and asking them to take action themselves, you’ll be compounding your personal influence on this legislative effort to pass a huge pro-gun bill in Ohio, and you can be very proud of that fact.

Please don’t delay, contact your Representative TODAY and tell them to vote YES on HB178, the Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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